Do you play it? Do you want to connect with others here who play it? Do you think it sucks? Talk about it here!

I've played it for on and off for about a year now. I can't quite remember, but I've either never spent a dime of real money on it or I spent like $5 once for some limited-time thing, so I'm fairly happy that I haven't fallen into the pay-to-win trap. I mainly play to complete daily quests and arenas, the gold from which fund packs or adventures. Between playing and watching lots of Hearthstone videos (mainly Trump), I think I'm actually pretty good now; top 25%, anyways.

Anyone want to let me spectate them to knock out the quest for a free pack? Smile I've never been able to complete this because my friends list is very lonely... Would also be nice to have someone to chat or play casually with once in a while. My tag is Runer112#1930.
*bump necropost thing*
Hey, do you still play? I've gotten back into playing it after a few months Razz
Oh, and my tag is LingLing#11662
Yup, I still play. I also have an alternate account now, RunerBot#1204, which I created so I can spectate/play against myself for the relevant quests. Forever alone.
Oh, cool!
I know that feeling; the only reason I never did that because it never occurred to me that that was something one could do XD
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