So yesterday I purchased a TI-84 plus graphing calculator. Unfortunately, I've been having a TON of problems transferring files to the calculator. I'm using the Ti Connect CE software, because regular Ti Connect just didn't work for me (it's a long story). Anyways, I'm able to put .8xk files on my calculator without any trouble whatsoever. However, every time I attempt to put .8xp files on my calculator, I get the error message "One or more files was invalid and could not be sent to calculator(s)." I've so far tried with mario.8xp and pacman99.8xp. Both of them lead to the same error.

I'm using Windows 10 home and the latest OS on the calculator, if that makes a difference.
Do you have the TI-84 Plus (black and white) or the TI-84 Plus CE (color)? Make sure that the files you want to send are compatible with your calculator. It might help to update the calculator operating system if it is an older version.
I'm using the black and white version and am also downloading compatable files. As of yesterday the OS was the most recent version, but I'll check again.
If TI-Connect CE still doesn't work you can try TiLP. Download whatever version you need, sending files is pretty much the same, drag/drop from your desktop.
I downloaded TiLP and, unfortunately, I seem to be getting another error. When I select my calc, I get two error boxes, one says "Msg: failed to open the USB device.
Cause: Check that the USB cable is plugged in and that the calculator is turned ON! Also, check libusb and usbfs for valid permissions." and the other one basically just says that I can't use this device because of the error that I just showed you. Both ends of the USB are securely plugged into their respective ports and I don't exactly know what libusb or usbfs are. Halp.
Be sure the open the device selection window and double click on your calc. (Ctrl + D works)

If that doesn't work try this tutorial:
Oh my god I fricking love you right now! Thank you so much for your help!
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