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Hey there Cemetechians! How's it going? Seems things have picked up slightly this past month with projects getting worked on, and hopefully I didn't miss out on reporting on anyone's works of art!

  • TerraCalc: TerraCalc aims to be a Terraria clone, which is a 2D action-adventure sandbox. Dankcalculatorbro is currently programming this project, and has shared some screenshots of the first feature, generating terrain. At latest, he's rewriting code to be more efficient and optimized.

  • Video 84+ converter: Iambian resurrected an old project of his, bringing it back into the limelight. It converts a video file into an App that plays the video, and actually looks really good on the monochrome (TI-84 Plus family) calculators. Take a look at the topic, check out the video that Iambian shot of his calculator playing a YouTube video, and let him know what you think!

  • Sorcery of Uvutu: After just over 3 months, 123outerme has come out of hiding and posted up a small update regarding this game, stating that a new world has been created, along with changes to the save file. He has also sent his beta testers a new closed beta version, which should push progress along as well. Check the post out for a screenshot and more information.

  • Atomas 84+CE: This game is a puzzle type where you are given atoms and you combine them to create new elements for the goal of getting an element of the highest atomic number. It's an accurate port of a very popular smartphone game, and just as addictive as the original. Check out the thread for some impressive screenshots, a download link, and a whole lot more information!

  • Tourn II: Tourn II is a fighting-style game by 123outerme. It is similar to the old Mortal Kombat games for the SNES, uses actual sprites, and will have a variety of combos and levels. Check out the thread to see his screenshots showcasing the start of his work!

  • Pokemon Plus: Before you get too excited, this isn't a Pokemon game. This is more of a Pokedex and assistant for Pokemon Go players to determine statistics, evolution chains, and more for Pokemon that they catch. This project is for the Casio Prizm and looks absolutely fantastic, closely mirroring the calculator's own UI. Check the thread for more information, including a download link!

  • Endless RPG: Battlesquid has been hard at work this past month making massive progress on his role playing game for the TI-83 Plus/TI-84 Plus family. This includes massive optimizing, hex code additions, and bug fixes.

  • ICE Compiler: ICE has been seeing a lot of work this past month, adding quite a number of features to the already long list that it was toting before. Go check out PT_'s work in the thread and read up on all of his hard work. In particular, PT_ encourages ICE's users to make and publish some new projects in the language to help motivate more programmers to try it.

  • TI-84+CE Programming Tutorials: A long-running collaboration between MateoConLechuga and Adriweb to teach people how to program in C and ez80 ASM for their TI-84 Plus CEs. Check out the topic (which links to the tutorial site) and let them know what you think of their progress!

  • ConvTile: Another in the long line of tools MateoConLechuga has released for TI-84 Plus CE programming and development, this particular tool takes the file generated from Tiled and makes it usable to create tilemaps for your projects on the TI-84 Plus CE. If this sounds like something useful to you, make sure to check this tool out and let Mateo know what you think about it!

  • C SDK and libraries: MateoConLechuga has released an update for the C SDK that fixes numerous bugs and adds some neat features. Check the topic and make sure you update if you program your CE in C!

Hopefully as our members return to school and have time for programming more, we'll see this list of ours get longer once again. We look forward to what you, our members, put on to the calculator next! Until next month!
Impressive work this month, and thank you as always for the detailed write-up. I'm glad that August ended up being a more productive month than July, and I can't wait to see what September will bring.
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