I ended up with a lot less time this week, and I found a big problem in my code. I fixed it, but my deadline is past. Still trying to work out how the text features will work.

But one piece of good news. I'm halfway done with the programmers manual. (the writing part, not editing.) So... its a little bit behind, but not too bad.
I had to completely rewrite if. The only commands left to write are...
Write accum

Going to be working more diligently. I havent gotten a chance to start bug testing yet. That will start soon.
Oh. And c4ooo, I tested the bit reading (slowest part) and it takes less than a second to read the bits for the longest command.
So... This has morphed into something else. That actually works. A hello world program is the following compiled code (in a list)

The noncompiled code is shorter.
And yes. You heard me right. It has a compiler program on the calculator. Not totally done, but partially.
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