Hey everyone!
I was just watching a youtube video by Grade A Under A about how to be hackproof (NSFW Warning: the video is quite vulgar as Grade always is. Don't click the link if you do not like swear words.) I realized almost everything I was doing, was stuff grade said NOT to do for passwords.
So, for my personal enjoyment and possibly the promise of secure passwords, I created a password generator for the TI84+CE. It needs DrDnar's Textlib (for HUGE optimization)
Here is a GIF recording:

Thanks JonBush for the help w/ the image!
Domino 464 wrote:

is there any way I can get the gif to show here?

It looks good, although I think it is risky generating the password based on the username. If someone gets the algorithm, they have your passwords as well.

You can embed images with the image BBCode tags:

See there's an encryption key that's at least 131 digits long. Obviously it's not hacker proof, but it's more secure than most 4-digit passcodes on phones
If you are open to suggestions you could color text, numbers and, characters differently.
I should probably get it accepted to the archives first, but that would be a great idea! I'll think about that
Probably best to throw the time in too. Also best to ask the user to input gibberish on the calculator for a few seconds to feed the random number generator. Just some suggestions on how to improve entropy.
Turns out the file was rejected. I haven't asked Kerm for the deets but it's probably among the lines of "this ruins security" or something like that. Even though its designed to be unique per calculator, kinda like oldmud0 said with random gibberish. And on top of the 130 random inputs, there is another, overarching number protecting the entire setup. Do you guys think thats safe enough? its like 130! permutations plus some extra I'm pretty sure.

and for anyone concerned with the algorithm, its the random number generator feature that changes multiple times from the 130! + some combo
I don't think it was censored for security reasons - i had rejections before because of how zip files do not get saved properly if you don't exit from them or something similar resulting in file being invalid or corrupted. Or maybe readme was missing... Check with Kerm
Also check your PMs they usually tell you why it was rejected. Your screen shot may have been to big...
Thanks unicorn, I checked again and you were right. The PM said keep screenshots to 200-400Kb at most. ._. I completely apologize for any... Rude tones from the post above.
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