Soo.... Lately, I got myself a PS3 from somebody. 1 problem: The power button sort of works. But after I press it twice to turn the PS3 on, it will shut off after a moment or two. My solution is to use a controller to turn it on, because (apparently) you can do that.

More details:
I press the power button once, and the PS3 goes into sleep mode. I've heard that the controller can turn the PS3 on while the PS3 is in sleep mode. Will this be a good workaround, or will it do the same thing, and just turn itself back off?
It's strange that it is turning itself off, are you sure it is due to the power button, not something else?

Is it a slim version ps3?

Controller normally turns ps3 on and it is recommended to turn it off with the controller navigating through menu appropriately.

Sometimes you need to sync the controller first by having it plugged via usb cable into ps3.
If you mean slim, like it has a curved top, then yes. And I'm pretty sure it's the power button.

And yes, the controller is synced to it.
So if controller is recognised you should have no problem switching the ps3 on and off with it. So power button on ps3 is not needed normally unless your controller stops waking it up, or you need to go into video output selection like when you move from one tv to another with different resolutions or cables, or when you need to go into some specific setup menus, which are not normally needed.

You should be able to see if ps3 turns off unexpectedly after being turned on by the controller. Hopefully it does not, otherwise there is some hardware problem I think

Good luck
There are 3 versions to the PS3, probably not super relevant but all 3 PS3s have curved tops:
[list=ul][*]Fat, super big and ejects discs.[*]Slim. Ejects discs.[*]Slim 2, sliding top/doesn't eject discs.[/list]

The later two also have proper buttons for the power and eject (where applicable) while the fat PS3 has a touch button, no pressing of physical buttons. Basically anything that conducts electricity (like a hot dog) can turn on the fat PS3.

But after I press it twice to turn the PS3 on

Why do you press it twice? I see your edit but I'm still confused, is that one-press from an off state or while it's on? You should only need to press it once. Now the unit is on, pressing the button again should put it in Standby.

If powering on via the controller is unable to keep the PS3 on then you may need to take it apart and remove the dust around the vents and fans.

Semi important, is the light when in standby yellow or red?
I press it twice, once to put it in standby mode, once to get the light green. And btw, the light is red when it is in standby mode.

And unfortunately, the person who promised me the synced controller bugged out of the agreement. So now I'm out of a synced controller, which was my only chance to get this thing up and running. Sad . Ugh. Dammit. So now, I'll have to crack it open and have someone take a look at it. But another problem with that: There are star screws with freaking centerpegs in the middle of them. These require a very special screwdriver to get off. They are also the only thing not letting me take it apart.

So until I either find someone with a starbit screwdriver, I can't do a a thing.

I hope it's just the power button. And not the power circuit inside of it. or something easy to replace.

God, why can't my life ever be simple?
I thought it is one press for both on and off normally. Also i did not know about the starbit screwdrivers being needed. Maybe take it to one of the repair places where they do mobile phones etc - they should have all types of screwdrivers there. Good luck
You will most likely need a Torx T10 screwdriver. Some sources claim that it needs a T8 screwdriver, so yeah, probably best to go to a repair shop and ask if they can unscrew it for you.
Something similar happened to my ps3. Turns out a small ball of a mixture of lint, dust, and crumbs (don't judge) was stuck in there. I'd suggest to first try to get a can of compressed air and blow the dust out.
Good news today!

I now have (another) PS3.... One that works! Yay! Very Happy

But I only have 1 game.....

EDIT: For those who don't know, the controller can turn the PS3 on completely from off.
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