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CalcMax wrote:

You would essentially be making a completely separate game at that point... There are surely other versions of Minesweeper for monochrome calculators already, so I suggest looking around for them if you want to play Minesweeper.
Here's one I used to play.
Will get when i can, thanks!
I have a problem. I transport the Minesweeper file to the TI Connect CE and try the program only to be shown the message "Error: Syntax". I compare the description of the file compared to the description of a working file that I already have, Snake. The Snake one says "Program" and the Minesweeper one says "Protected Program". I'm not sure if this has anything to do with it. How do I fix this?
Do Asm(pgmMINES
When I enter Asm(pgmMINES), I get "Need LibLoad" ?
Got it! Found the right libraries.
Download all the c libraries found here
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