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Kerm, how much money do you save using 3d printed batteries? This has got to be the coolest eco-friendly calculator hack ever (battery hack?)!
Maybe you should read the post before you reply... he's not printing batteries, he's printing things that fit in the AAA battery slot that allow him to power the calc from wall power. This was used at the World Maker Faire so they wouldn't have to keep replacing expensive batteries.

And also, you can't 3D print batteries...
Botboy3000 wrote:
And also, you can't 3D print batteries...

Actually you kind of can. There are some working prototypes already. Just google it.

For Example: http://www.graphene3dlab.com/s/battery.asp
The video doesn't show them printing an AA or AAA battery, but...
I meant, how much does he save with wall powering? You guys really need to work on mindreading Sad.
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