I am considerably new to the TI-84+CSE, and I guess I have TI-Basic pretty well ("pretty well" because I'm sure there are things out there I don't know). However, I want to learn assembly because it is much faster and has more capabilities.

The only problem I have is that I cannot find a tutorial for programming asm on the CSE, while there is plenty for earlier models, like the regular TI-84+. I am worried to try and put asm programs from earlier models for fear of doing something drastic.

Does anyone have suggestions? Or maybe a link to a tutorial?

**Edit: I found the z80 tutorial on Cemetech, but it defines it as TI-83 at the beginning. Or maybe I have no idea what I'm talking about Smile **


PS: I wasn't sure where to post this. This was the category that looked the most correct. Sorry if it's the wrong one. Thanks again!
Welcome to Cemetech, fluzz! Would you mind Introducing yourself? Smile

To answer your question, I had exact the same problem. Earlier I had only a CSE, and I want to start learning ASM, but nowhere a good tutorial for it. Now that I'm more experienced with ASM, I know that there is not too much difference between the monochrome calculators, and the CSE. I started to learn AsmIn28Days and it helped me to get the first stuff done. Anything in the first 21 (?) will work the same at the CSE. You only have to mind that
1) the CSE homescreen is bigger, 10 rows - 26 columns
2) PenCol is now 2 bytes, because the maximum value of (PenCol) is equal to 320 (screen width)
3) many addresses of the bcall's has been changed, but if you compile them with the names, the compiler should compile this correct.
When you becoming a more advanced ASM user, you could always ask the ASM experts here for accessing the screen itself, modifying pixels etc, because that is pretty difficult, and totally other from the TI-83+. The screen of the CSE is not memory-mapped, that is, not stored somewhere in the RAM. Thus, day 24 won't work at the CSE.

Of course, if you have still questions, our community is more than happy to help you! Smile
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