Well, ever since I started working on a program with Kerm's progress bar which was originally coded for the ti-83 (standard, not plus), I have been scared to a death by the idea of these progs not being able to be run on the TI84+CSE and CE. Could anyone tell me whether the animation would work on the mentioned color calcs? The specific animation is the XP prog bar.
Thanks in advance for answers!
No it would not, like the vast majority of graphics, they will show up all crumpled up in the top left corner of the color calc's screen because the screens are much larger. The program shouldn't throw an error, but would need to be fixed up by changing the coordinates and possibly the size of graphics. This is a relatively simple process, so you shouldn't worry about it too much, you can get it done fairly quickly Smile given that you do not own a color calc yourself, I'd be happy to help you modify your code if you would like to create an alternate version of your program specifically for color calcs.
Well, thanks for the offer. Will report in when your help is need by me...

TI-84+ SE Very Happy

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