Im not really sure. Confused I have a family friend who is doing an internship as a teacher, and we built that for a contest he was having during their factories unit.

Each team had to use my directions to build 10 copies of it. One team was set up as a factory. the other team was just huddled around the big heap of legos.

We also spent a while counting out all the pieces that we had at least 20 of (or 40 or 60), and then just built something out of it,
el oh el. That's awesome. Very Happy
I would say that most likely it rolls, but again, Im not entirely sure since it was designed for the purpose of building it, not playing with it after.
Right, right. Well, perhaps you'll stop by my server later and we can try building it?
will it be up this afternoon? say from 3:40 to 4:30?
I have Physics recitation 3:00-5:00 and pchem 6-8, so I'll put it up between 5 and 6.
hmmm....not sure how that'll will work. I have Boy Scouts tonight. so we are eating dinner early.
Serv is up now if you're around.
Sad sadly, I wasn't
Very Happy So I saw. It'll be up intermittently whenever.,
lol. Okay.
What other single-sentence comments can we add to this thread? Very Happy
im not sure.
Alrighty then, I think I'll close it for now.
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