Having done some work on 68k and z80 asm for the Sega Genesis, I became curious about getting one of these.

I was wanting to do some asm coding to add bit shifting and different base system functionality to the calculator's capabilities. I was thinking maybe adding a new menu tab to the TEST/LOGIC menu for this stuff, but I wasn't sure if this stuff is hard coded into the OS or not.

Should I pursue a different avenue?
I would highly recommend the TI84+CE, as it is a great developing system and a great platform to learn on. Your goal could be achieved through the use of hooks; however it is a rather advanced method, but if you have any questions or need assistance anywhere, we would be happy to help. Welcome to Cemetech CoryCulley! Smile
Well I kinda already bought the calculator. The fact that Zilog updated their legendary z80 was enough for me.

So I found info on hooks for the older calculators, is this information still valid for this model?
It is. For testing the hooks, I would recommend using the address pixelshadow2, or at the bottom of the stack. You will probably want the Menu Hook, with a combination of a Token Hook (and probably a Parser Hook). The equates for these are different because of the new model, but the ti84pce.inc file equates the names correctly.
I understand what you mean. It looks like I showed up at an exciting point of time for the new model though, lots of undiscovered potential. I'm curious to see where this all goes. Thanks a lot by the way.
That sounds rather exciting! If you do decide to pursue adding those features to the OS, I hope you'll keep us up to date on the project with a topic in our Your Projects subforum. We'd also be happy to help with any meta-questions (about toolchains and techniques) and questions (about ez80 programming as it applies to the calculators and their OS) that you might have.
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