Happy Easter! We're happy to announce the official launch of the Cemetech Minecraft 1.9 server (mc.cemetech.net). After about three months of hard work from dedicated members preparing the server, its spawn, its rules, and its plugins, not to mention a week-long soft launch in which we ironed out the bugs and started building a lot of activity on the server, we're proud to welcome you to the server. Way back in August 2012, after several of us had played Minecraft on Evocat.us for several years, we launched our own Minecraft 1.5 server here on Cemetech, whitelisted and restricted to a few core members. New Year's 2014 saw the launch of a brand-new, open-to-all PvP server in Cemetech's Minecraft 1.7 server. With a goal of encouraging cool machines, impressive defenses, beautiful builds, and crafty, political PvP, it was a resounding success, with a peak of about 12 active towns containing hundreds of members and dozens of active players. After players became increasingly divided on the intrigue and heartbreak of PvP and sanctioned theft, we switched to Intellectual Survival with Minecraft 1.8, retaining the philosophy of big, impressive builds and clever machines, but removing involuntary PvP and theft. Finally, the Cemetech Minecraft 1.9 server builds on the Intellectual Survival successes, encouraging players to work together to get started, then use their skills and imagination to build towns, cities, railroads, machines, and more.

Like Cemetech itself, our Minecraft server challenges players, asking them to think beyond cobble boxes, dirt houses, and straight-line railroads. The gameplay is semi-vanilla, and encourages players to explore the map to get Lapis Lazuli ore, used to buy towns, to work together with other players to build up those towns, to create ChestShops to trade with other players, to create auto-farming mechanisms, and in some cases to compete. As first introduced on the Minecraft 1.8 server, we hold frequent server-wide events, including Abba Caving matches, scavenger hunts for treasure, and more. I could tell you more, but the best way to experience the Cemetech Minecraft 1.9: Intellectual Survival server is to hop on and join us. You'll start in our huge, custom-built spawn, centered on a sky-scraping Mother Tree surrounded by jungles, paths, and the core stations of a railroad that will span the world. Take a look at the builds that are already underway, and if you want to play too, just ask a moderator to whitelist you for building.

I hope we'll see you on the server soon! Join mc.cemetech.net to start playing, and also check out the map, statistics, and videos below. If you've already tried the Minecraft 1.9 server and had fun, feel free to share your experiences in the attached topic. For today's launch, the border has been expanded an additional 250 blocks, so even if you haven't played during the soft-launch period, there will be a brand-new, untouched area for you to explore at the map's edges.

Media and More Information
Server address: mc.cemetech.net
Play @ Cemetech: Minecraft and Unreal Tournament 2004
Cemetech Minecraft 1.9 map
Cemetech Minecraft 1.9 game statistics
Kerm Martian's Let's Play of server's soft launch: Part 1, Part 2
TIFreak8x's Let's Play of server's soft launch: Part 1, Part 2
ElementalVis's Let's Play of server's soft launch

As of this post, we've had 56 visitors, with a peak of 15 concurrent, who have broken just shy of half a million blocks, while placing blocks down at less than half that count. The most broken block is stone at 178,000 and the most placed block is dirt at 29,000. The next most broken block is Coal Ore at 22,000. Additionally, slightly more than 9000 mobs have been killed while our members have lost a fight against mobs 168 times. The most dangerous mob so far is the Skeleton and the mob which has been killed the most is the Creeper.
Will the new server environment be any less elitist than the 1.7 server?
Given the economy changes I've been outspoken against, nope. Since this is a news article, I suggest ending this discussion here and taking it somewhere like IRC.
CalebHansberry wrote:
Will the new server environment be any less elitist than the 1.7 server?
In the sense that the real-life players don't like less mature real-life players, or in that in-game players who build up good bank balances have a significant advantage over other players? We still value maturity, good-looking buildings, and clever machines, but we currently have players that run the gamut from still learning to expert. The economy has so far turned out to be a minimal part of the server: while several players are competing to build up their money, and one town has been founded, a huge community village has been built by a dozen players working together, and provides resources for any player who wants them to enjoy. Server transportation has also been democratized: everyone can pitch in to build roads and rails.
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