I am trying to fix my Voyage 200 calculator. It has about 13 vertical white lines which makes it harder to read the input/output as it cuts out the black pixels that would display the numbers. I have looked around online and some people suggest that for this model the lcd screen is soldered with the mother board, unlike the case with the Ti-83 which has the ribbon cable. I can't confirm this because I have't been able to open it yet, since I need a Torx #5 screwdriver with at least 1.5cm in length to reach that deepest screw. I will order such screw driver but I would like to know if anyone here has fixed this issue or has any idea what I should do to fix it.
The V200's LCD appears to use heat-press ribbon cables. See http://datamath.org/Graphing/JPEG_Voyage200.htm#PCB. The fault you describe would be consistent with bad connections on the column drivers, but these kinds of cables tend to be difficult to repair.
I just saw this on another calculator. The ultimate fix is a better connector design, but that's time consuming.

The easier fix that just worked on 9/10 of vertical lines on this "for parts" Voyage 200 I just got was to set the contrast to 100% and turn off / on the calculator 50 times. Magically most of them were fixed.

There is a self test you can access at:
- From the home screen

[diamond] + (

One of the options there is an LCD test with one key for fully on and one for fully off.

Good luck!
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