I have decided to post the current version of the small font program editor I have been working on for several months, written in Axe.
Currently, the editor is fairly stable, and I have moved on to adding features.
I started this project because I wasn’t really satisfied with zStart’s small font editor, it used the standard menus and sometimes when saving it corrupted a small part of the program.
My editor uses the same small graph font for all the menus.
Cool features:
Since it uses the VAT to select a program, you can edit hidden programs, programs can also be: archived, locked, an appvar, or even a list. (If you open something you aren't supposed to edit there is a good chance it could crash)
It displays all the Axe tokens correctly (but not ones from an axiom)
All the keys and menus are in files so if you want to edit what the keys do, or change a menu you can (it needs to be recompiled after)
If you edit a hidden program when you finish it will remain hidden.
Some of the things in the main menu (Y=) actually do something.

It would be awesome if I could get some community interest!
If you are just testing the editor you just need to download prgmEDITOR
You need the group files only if you are compiling prgmEDITRSRC (along with the axioms fullrene, memkit and runprgm)
WARNING: THIS COULD DAMAGE PROGRAMS THAT YOU OPEN WITH IT (although I have only seen it happen when parts of RAM is corrupted)
Options in the Y= menu with ??? after them don't do anything.

Planned features and bugs:
The catalog is just the input command
rarely the vars menu gives the wrong token
I would like to make it very customizable
The cursor can act wierd on the last line.
Str1 and Gbd1 can be viewed but can't be added from a menu.

Any help I can get would be great!
Is anyone able to help me with the run from home feature? I have no idea how to do it.
I am not planning to add a credits page because seeing them annoy me (I can add your name if it is very important), however I won't be adding my own name anywhere on it.
Please give me any ideas you have and tell me about any repeatable bugs that are not listed.

I believe that (excluding the last line of the program) that my editor is better than zStart's.
The download should be under ti83 misc. asm programs
I just tried this out, and in the zip file there's a TI group file, and a program called COPYMATH.8xp. I sent the COPYMATH.8xp program over but it doesn't do anything Sad
The program copymath is the math engine.
Use the program editor for the editor. The other files are for compiling only.
Math engine? Also, there is no other program in the zip file.
Dang! It looks like I uploaded the wrong program. It should be EDITOR.
You can still compile it if you have Axe and the Axioms I listed above.

Was copymath the only thing in the zip? There should have been a group file and readme.

By math engine I meant that there is a feature that allows you to do math (rounded) without exiting the program, that program is what is compiled along with the main program and then unpacked when it is needed.

I will post when the fixed download is up which will probably be tomorrow evening, I need some more time to work on a couple minor bugs.

Sorry for the bad download.
The download has been fixed.
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