At around the end of October, Geekboy1011 pulled together E:ToR into a closed alpha and started accepting applications for that. During that period I decided to take a small break from that project but I didn't want to announce that anywhere for fear of pitchforks, torches, and rolled-up Sunday newspapers. The signup period lasted roughly a week, so I decided to try for a project that would take about that much time. I thought about Geekboy1001's rendition of Scognito's Scogger game called ScoggerTi and figured it would be easy enough to port to the CSE. I already had a level editor (which was made for Geekboy1011) and the important bits of NaCaniS to work with.

The rest of the dev team (Geekboy1011 and Zera) was pretty much waiting on the signup period to end, so we decided to tackle this project in the meantime. The end result?

Scogger CSE (download link) (also available here)

That's what I call it but the title screen says it's Scogger+. I didn't bother correcting Zera (the project's graphics designer) since I didn't really want to rearrange things again.

This game features all original 100 levels, formatted to fit in the game's 8x6 grid (originally 8x8). Thankfully, all the levels were editable in such a way that it changed nothing about how each level was solved. The editor that I wrote and used (which is included with the game) looks like this:

You'll need AutoHotkey L installed to run the editor since it's written in AHK.

The game also features 50 extra levels made by Zera in Scogger+ mode, which includes two additional tile types to enhance the gameplay.

There's a bit of a load time when the game starts, but as far as my testers have been able to tell me, it plays well and plays beautifully. Although Wabbitemu doesn't do a perfect job emulating the CSE's half-res mode, I was able to grab this animated screenie using an external screenshot tool:

The game also provides basic amenities such as recording your progress, marking it (red level numbers are levels not completed, green are those that are), and being able to delete it.

For those of you who are interested, the download contains everything you need to rebuild the project. What is there and what isn't there is mentioned in the readme. The level editor is included, but you'll need to jump through a few hoops and hurdles to actually play them since Scogger CSE does not support external level packs. That's also detailed in the readme.

Instructions for using the level editor itself is not included, though pushing F1 with the window in focus can help.

The source is openly available. I am not responsible for any adverse health effects caused by reading such awful code. You have been warned.

Other than that, enjoy!

EDIT: I apparently can't proofread. How about now?
Looks great Iambian! I like the animated water in the background, it gives it a polished look.
This looks really great, thanks for another great game for the CSE Smile
Wow, I'm very impressed that you put something so polished together so fast; I think you said six days on HCWP? I can't wait to put this on one of my own CSEs and give it a test. I'm intrigued that AutoHotKey can do something as complicated as creating a GUI and letting you save files from it, as I thought it could (and have used it for) primarily modify how keypresses and mouse activity were interpreted.
Autohotkey is crazy in what it can do if you skilled with it. It took him i think 11 days to finish the polish and iron out some graphical inconsistency's but yeah he did an awesome job pretty fast.
It looks great! Fantastic work as usual.

I'm now imagining E:ToR in colour ... *runs*.
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