My TI-82's screen has several rows of dead pixels, and its quite annoying. Does anyone know where to get a new screen for the TI-82?
Unfortunately, almost all TI-82 screens are displaying dead rows these days: the problem is the fine-grained ribbon cable that connects the screen and its PCB. We have explored some techniques for repairing this issue, but to date we haven't been able to make them last for more than a week or two. Your best bet would be to see if some one in the community has a spare, fully-working LCD to send you, or try to purchase a TI-82 on eBay that you can take a screen from (but be aware that most of the broken ones for sale on eBay have exactly this issue).
TI-82 LCDs are a bit different. Adding pressure on the foam strip above the LCD's viewable area can permanently restore viewability. Try adding some paper towel padding to the foam block on the rear housing, making it push the LCD board against the front housing; this fixed my TI-82 with ROM 7*.
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