I've made my repo for TokenIDE public, and released it under the WTFPL license.


This does not mean I won't be working on it, but I've been so busy with other things lately that I don't want it to be yet another editor that dies off without anyone having the source.
Good job, Merth Smile

More power to the community with open source software.
Good stuff! Smile Do you have a "todo" list for community members who want to help?
I'm sure Runer could dig up his list Wink

For the most part, I recommend checking out this thread which should have the most recent requests. The 2014 thread has some too.
merthsoft wrote:
I'm sure Runer could dig up his list Wink

The list. Completed things are in green, although I may have missed some. It turns out many of the more important requests have been implemented already, but there's still a number of things that could be done.

I've also got this stray request to support "giltched" user variables.
Very cool, Merth; I'm sure that many in the community (especially those developing their own editors) will find your code useful. I hope some people will help you out by converting that experience with your code back into improvements and upgrades for TokenIDE. I also do hope that in between cats, guinea pigs, and stegasauri, you find time to work on TokenIDE again.
Great news, thanks Merth!
If you're still accepting bug reports and feature requests, I wanted to turn some sprites into xLIBC-paletted ASM code, but I found that the "Copy Hex" section was greyed out. Is this a missing feature or a bug?
As much as I like C#, it's too clean of a language for me. I'm afraid attempting to contribute will just screw things up from failing to follow conventions.
Code's in github now: https://github.com/merthsoft/TokenIDE

Tiniest ever of updates to support 83p files: https://merthsoft.com/Tokens.zip
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