My latest project is an RPG game called End of Days. My main goal, aside from learning more programming, is to creep people out. I am using DocDE7 to write the storyline (complete with creepy Easter eggs), and then I plan on writing the actual game. My current plans are to use a matrix and some lists for data storage, and to avoid picture usage if possible. Currently I am working on the splash screen, which is designed like an old, dying terminal. The original will be in Basic, but once I figure out how to write Assembly, I will probably port the code into that.
You've told us how this RPG will work, but not what it will be. Why is it called End of Days? Can you tell us something brief about the storyline and the goals? How about the mechanics?
I thought up the title because, first, it's kind of creepy, and second, it's in a post-apocalyptic world. Burned-out buildings, dusty landscape, the works. There is a power grid that supports technology, although most of it is failing. The main character wakes up with amnesia, about a thousand meters or so from a wrecked plane.

He finds a village, but something is wrong the place: everyone that's really important is dead, and everyone else is just acting... well, off. And something is following the character around...

The game involves on plot with factions trying to take control of what's left, and another with the... things that are around. It gets really creepy really fast.

There are also a few annoyances that are placed to look like part of the game, but they aren't really.
I always enjoy seeing RPG's come on the TI series, so I look forward to watching this develop!
Due to a calculator reset, I lost the original End of Days and started work on another one. Currently for an icon I have an SD card. Other than that, I haven't made any real progress. My problem it, whenever I put any code in subprograms and add those programs to the DCS header, the shell refuses to unarchive them, which continually crashes my program. Is there a workaround for this?

:"End of Days

PROGRAM is just the program name, without "prgm" prepended to it.
So that's where I left this....

I have decided that to stop development on this project for now. When I moved, I lost all my code, and I haven't really worked on it for so long I kind of forgot what it would be about. I still do kind of want to make a game, but probably it will be for Android first.

Eventually I think I'll pick up on this, but right now no. Particularly since all I have is a post-apocalyptic setting but no plot to go along with it. However, if in the meantime anyone wants to drop some ideas here, I might pick up on them.
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