I am currently tossing around some ideas for a Developer Pack, containing tutorials, syntax guides, instructions, icon generators, code snippets, and several other things that may be useful for anyone trying to program on-calc. (I do it myself and I have to say it gets vey annoying, being unable to undo changes or find any on-calc syntax guides.)

Currently I have a blank program with the icon of a calculator.

Anyone have any ideas where I should go next?
what language are you programming on-calc? and, shouldn't we just buy Kerm's book and get some various tools that already exist? and what makes you good to do this?

also, perhaps you should not fill up your project book so quickly, as I see you already have 3 and are likely working on others, too.
Well, first I don't want my parents to know about this, because they found out that I was programming before and started yelling at me about "stupid calculator apps" and saying stuff like "who does that?" I never let on, but I find that really offensive, although I never say anything, because I would just get griped at about "disrespect". It's enough that they literally stare over my shoulder when I'm in the computer at home "to check that I'm not going on sites I'm not supposed to" (read:Google). I'm not having them watch me on the calculator too.

Second, I'm a cheapo. I am saving money I got from having a friend sell some computers that my JROTC commander gave me to get rid of - so I can buy parts for more computers. $1.25 for a large water bottle seems to me like an outrageous price. And anyway, it's not like I have an allowance or something.

Sorry if that was a bit of a rant.

Next: I am programming in Basic and trying to find something to learn more about programming in other languages on-calc. I've looked for tools, but haven't really found anything good.

And finally: I have a lot of projects going on at once, and probably more that I should, but I have separate things for long-term and short-term projects. Quasar, Math Mechanic, DevTools, and End Of Days are all long term. Like, really long term.

Had to clear my ram recently, so my short term projects all got deleted. No great loss, though. I could probably reproduce them all in about a solid day of programming.
I'm inclined to agree that you're taking on a lot of projects at once, and I'm not sure how that has anything to do with how your parents feel about your hobby. As far as programming in other languages on-calc, there's Mimas for ASM, the obvious tools for TI-BASIC, and Axe's App of the same name. Also, if you do continue to make some kind of combined tutorial and tool package, make sure you're not taking anyone's written or software work without permission, as most licenses forbid repackaging without express consent. We've had problems with people doing this in the past.
Well, the parents thing was separate. That was about what LuxenD suggested, buying your book. No offense Kerm, but my parent's don't approve and anyway all my money is reserved for parts.

I have Mimas, but I forgot to load the manual before my calcs' batteries died, and I haven't got around to that yet. I also have the Axe compiler, but I don't know how to write it.

And don't worry, Kerm. I ask before I copy - and then I give the author a credit. That's what I did with all the first programs that were on my calc - before it crashed, that is. What is it with me and crashes? I can't remember a piece of tech I haven't crashed.
Over the past few months, I've changed up a lot of things about DevPack. I broke it up into different programs by language, then yesterday I changed my mind. They have been put back together into one program, which I have also changed the name of: it is now "1337 Programming", and it has sections for Basic, Assembly, xLib, Omnicalc, DCSB, PicArc, and all those other languages and libraries. (And while I am not qualified to make something like this, because I don't even know all this stuff, I will use it (once I'm done) to learn.)

1337 isn't copyrighted, is it, Kerm? Smile
1337 is not copyrighted, but "1337 Programming" is also the name of the programming guide that JPez and I wrote about a decade back, so you should consider whether a different name might be better to avoid confusion.
At the moment, further development is not going to happen. I don't have access to a good development environment any more. However, I intend to pick up on this when I go to college (no later than next fall). Probably I'm just going to do TI-Basic for the first edition. If anybody has any suggestions for how I should make it or what features I could include, feel free to post it here. But no actual work is going to take place on this for quite a while.
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