Hi all,

I'am working on a program that takes input from the graph screen. I would like to know if there is a way to get a picture of a "built-in" screen such as the screen that shows the equality/inequality symbols, i.e., if the user presses "2nd", "MATH", then the menus of TEST and LOGIC display along with the symbols. Is this possible and if not will I need to use the pen tool go through the pain staking process of drawing the screen myself?

Thanks in advance
Which calculator model are you dealing with? As long as it's the TI-83+/TI-84+ or the TI-84+CSE, Doors CS or Doors CSE have the libraries you need to build the menu yourself.
I currently am working with the TI-84 Plus Silver Edition 2.55MP.

Allow me to be more specific. I'am writing a CAS, which itself is more than a mere headache. I would like to have all of my menus, options and input done on the graph screen. For example, I would like for the user to enter a string expression on the graph screen and then I can interpret what they entered.
Doing entry on the graphscreen would be significantly difficult, if you mean something like Input or Prompt. However, if you wanted to make a menu that looks like (for example) the TEST/LOGIC menu, you could use TextMode from the xLIB libraries combined with Output() and getKey to make a menu that looked and behaved like the OS's own menu.
I decided to take a whack at this using textlib 1.0 for the ce. I know it is horribly optimized, I threw this together in a few minutes. 0:prgmMENUS will display the prgm screen, and 1:prgmMENUS will display the apps screen.


Lbl 1
If θ=0:Goto A1
If θ=1:Goto A3
Goto Z

Lbl A3
Disp "1:
Lbl A4
If K≠0:Goto Z
Goto A4
Lbl A1
Disp "EXEC
Lbl A2
If K=24:Then
If [C](1,1)=1:Then:{4}:Asm(prgmTEXTLIB):Output(1,1,"EXEC"):{14}:Asm(prgmTEXTLIB):Output(1,11,"NEW"):3→[C](1,1):Output(2,1,"1:"):{4}:Asm(prgmTEXTLIB):Output(2,3,"Create New"):Goto A2:End
If [C](1,1)=2:Then:{4}:Asm(prgmTEXTLIB):Output(1,6,"EDIT"):{14}:Asm(prgmTEXTLIB):Output(1,1,"EXEC"):[C](1,1)-1→[C](1,1):Goto A2:End
If [C](1,1)=3:Then:{4}:Asm(prgmTEXTLIB):Output(1,11,"NEW"):Output(2,1,"            ":{14}:Asm(prgmTEXTLIB):Output(1,6,"EDIT"):[C](1,1)-1→[C](1,1):End
If K=26:Then
If [C](1,1)=1:Then:{4}:Asm(prgmTEXTLIB):Output(1,1,"EXEC"):{14}:Asm(prgmTEXTLIB):Output(1,6,"EDIT"):[C](1,1)+1→[C](1,1):Goto A2:End
If [C](1,1)=2:Then:{4}:Asm(prgmTEXTLIB):Output(1,6,"EDIT"):{14}:Asm(prgmTEXTLIB):Output(1,11,"NEW"):[C](1,1)+1→[C](1,1):Output(2,1,"1:"):{4}:Asm(prgmTEXTLIB):Output(2,3,"Create New"):Goto A2:End
If [C](1,1)=3:Then:{4}:Asm(prgmTEXTLIB):Output(1,11,"NEW"):Output(2,1,"            ":{14}:Asm(prgmTEXTLIB):Output(1,1,"EXEC"):1→[C](1,1):End
If K=45
Goto Z
If K=42:Then:ClrHome:1:Goto 1:End
Goto A2
Lbl Z

All you should have to do, from what I understand is change the textlib commands to TextMode using what Kerm gave you. Hope this helps. Smile
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