I just managed to get a ROM dump of my TI 84 Plus SE loaded into the calculator of SourceCoder 3. I created a Basic program in the editor and loaded it into the calculator. Everything worked fine. I tried to do the same with a small Z80 program, but the editor isn't letting me enter any leading spaces. The TAB key or the space key doesn't work as a first character. When I try to compile a Z80 program, I get errors because it thinks the code are labels. Doesn't the editor allow leading spaces or is there some setting somewhere I haven't found. I tried searching the forum for an answer, but haven't found anything. For a second question, my Calculator has an OS version of 2.43, but I could only find a 2.55 OS version when I was creating the ROM. Is there a 2.43 OS version somewhere or doesn't it really matter.
Fascinating. It sounds like my indentation fixes for TI-BASIC are affecting the z80 editing mode, which shouldn't be happening. Please stand by, and I'll edit this post shortly.
Here's a link to download most of the 84+ (SE) operating systems: https://tiplanet.org/forum/archives_list.php?multi_chaine_search=&author=0&auteur=0&select=0&generator=0&cat=OS+z80
But it doesn't really matter anyways, the ROM dump isn't tied to a specific OS (I think)
Ivoah; Thanks for the link. If the OS version really doesn't matter, I guess I'll just leave the ROM I created with OS 2.55 . I wasn't sure if there would be a difference between Z80 code on the emulator and the real calculator.
Dave, I believe I've fixed the indentation bug. Now SourceCoder will only apply indentation when the current mode (TI-BASIC/Axe/Grammar/ASM) has well-defined indentation rules.
KermMartian; Thanks for the update. I can now insert spaces to indent the code.
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