I have a TI 84 Plus CE, and I was trying to make a guessing program (which is much more complex than it needs to be but ignore that) and I am using Text() to display the numbers to the draw screen. I'm using variables Y and X for the rows and columns, but in the program, when I typed...


...it displayed it at the top of the screen at a higher X-value than the entered value (135). What it should have done is put it somewhat in the middle of the screen. Here is the code it is nested in:

:Lbl PN
:While K=0
:If K=92
:Goto PN
The problem is that the calculator resets the value of the Y variable frequently, namely if your program uses the graphscreen. If you use the graphscreen in your TI-BASIC program, then switch to Z, B, or some other variable that's not Y.

Edit: Also, the graphscreen chapter in "Programming the TI-83 Plus/TI-84 Plus" has information about this issue.
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