I have a TI-84 Plus CE.
is something i'd like to download.
I followed the instructions, and it all worked and when I went into my calculator, and clicked "prgm" it showed up. I clicked it and it said PORTAL and PORTALED. I clicked PORTAL and it said the following:

1: Quit
Check all arguments
Press + on menu item for
Catalog Help.

I am really confused. Could you help?
    You need to run it using the Asm( token. Press 2nd and 0, scroll down to Asm(, press Enter, then go to the program menu, select the program, press Enter twice, should be good!
    Press 2nd + 0 (which is the catalog), scroll down, press enter where it says Asm(, then put in prgmPORTAL. there you go!
    I've been getting an increasing number of emails about issues like this with Pac-Man and Portal. Because so many users seem incapable of reading READMEs, I really, really wish there was a Doors CSE for the TI-84 Plus CE already. Sad
    Maybe someone could write something to allow peole to run things without the Asm( token until DCSE is released?
    Yeah you should be able to do a simple program:

    That would take about a half hour to make if I had access to a computer. I guess this post needs more substance, so I would like to offer my assistance in any way possible. I realize how annoying that silly Asm() thing can be. Smile
    Or you do a basic program called the main name of your project containing ":Asm(prgmSUBPROGRAMOFYOURPROJECT"
    That should solve the problem within 15 seconds Wink
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