Does anyone have any idea how to drive the LCD from a ti-82 with an Arduino?
I'm trying to use the information on , but I think it has a different pinout.
The earlier TI-83 Plus models (with 17 pins, before 2005 or so) are compatible with the TI-82 LCDs, and thus should have the same pinout. The WordPress blog you linked gives the pinouts for T6A04-based LCDs, and the TI-82 and ROM V2.0x TI-81s use a T6A04.
I hope you'll keep us updated on your progress if you continue to attempt this, DeepThought; perhaps use this topic as a progress log of sorts? I know that Muessigb was trying to interface a TI-83 Plus LCD for his Raspberry Pi + calculator project, but I'm not sure how much of his results would be helpful to you:
I think it is most definitely possible and am willing to offer as much help as I can. I have been meaning to put one of my spare LCDs on a breakout to use with an arduino my self. For logging and debug reasons with a somewhat efficient screen.
I have some logic analyzer dumps if anyone can open pulseview srzip files. What i really need is a program to send some known commands and dat to the display. what i'm seeing from the logic analyzer, the other blog post, and tracing lines on the pcb all conflict.

if someone could do a program with the command and data ports
that just sends some known values, I could get a cheap ti-83 and use my logic analyzer to find the last pinout values i'm unsure of.
The pinout for the T6A04 is available online, and the traces are straightforward from the T6A04 to the ribbon cable on the mainboard are pretty straightforward.
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