A summer month is behind us, and with it, a list of projects that have been updated. As with most summers the 'old timers' of the community have seen, this means significantly less activity with projects as people go out on vacations and check out the world. Nevertheless, a few brave souls have stuck their nose to the grinder, and brought us some pretty cool project updates:

  • xLIBc: tr1p1ea has been busy adding things to xLIBC, and shows off a rather cool screenshot of a rotating 'cube'.

  • Prizm Game Boy Emulator: gbl08ma has done a bit of a topic bump in regards to a Game Boy emulator. He gives various bits of information in regards to compiling and at what speeds the emulator runs. Check out the post for more information.

  • Bejeweled CSE: Unknownloner has been hard at work at his hybrid BASIC game, making it look fantastic with background help from community members. He's also working on porting it to the CE in pure BASIC. You should also take a look at the Bejeweled CSE Technical Details thread, which explains a lot of cool background information behind the game's design and architecture.

  • CBL 2 / LabPro Programming: CVSoft has been poking around with a 3D accelerometer and a light sensor to measure lag from the input of his computer. There are some new screenshots posted up in the thread; check it out if these kind of accessories catch your interest.

  • LaserGame CSE: This is an interesting game made by PT_, where you direct a laser beam to hit a target on the map by moving mirrors. Take a look at the thread and the screenshot posted to get a better idea of what this project is all about.

  • Bejeweled 84+: JWinslow23 has been hard at work on a Bejeweled for the normal 84+ graphing calculators. The game utilizes beautiful text sprites to generate the title screen and the various jewels. The thread is full of awesome screenshots showing the varying states of progress and download links.

  • Rogue-like xlibc: Zeldaking has been working on a rogue like game for the CSE, with some pretty nice looking sprites. Check out the thread to see the variety of sprites he's gotten ready and the progress he's made on the game.

  • BasicNote: If you haven't been keeping up with Michael2_3B's project, he has made some progress on this project regarding multiple pages of notes and such. Check his thread for a full list of details regarding what updates he's managed to get accomplished over the last month.

  • Escheron:Twilight over Ragnoth: Iambian has released a screenshot of his epic RPG, showing off the purchasing of items and magics in the game.

  • Graph3DC Beta: KermMartian has released a beta of his 3D graphing program for the CSE. Users tested and found a few bugs, which is currently being worked on. If you're interested in helping, give Kerm a poke on the thread and let him know!

As we approach Back to School time for many of our members, we hope to see this list of projects grow back out so we have more to talk about. And hopefully in the next month, my life will be a little less busy so I can focus more on the happenings of our little community and hopefully help out where I can.

Until next month, happy programming!
Awesome stuff! Thanks for compiling this tifreak!
I'm happy to see my LaserGame in the projects. Thanks tifreak!
Very nice. Thanks for putting this together every month Smile Smile Wink

Also, the beta version of basicnote is out if you didn't know, but I think you did. I hope to get the complete version out before school starts, but there may be delays since there is obv stuff to do for the start of the year :/
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