Hey all,
Im making a rougelike game on the cse in xlibc. So far have some basic sprites that probably will be updated, a random map generator, and the code to toss it onto the screen. Im working two jobs, so not much time to work on it, but it's getting there.
Sorry for the bad image quality. Also.. Just noticed this map is impossible to beat. Lol
Sounds cool! What to all the sprites mean, and where is the player and all that?
Do you have the ability to use an emulator like jsTIfied for your screenshots? If not, do you need rom8x? This is good news; we don't really have a nice roguelike for the TI-84+CSE, as far as I know. I look forward to seeing your progress, and I'd love more details along the lines of the questions Unicorn asked.

Edit: Unicorn correctly pointed out that I had forgotten 123outerme's Solius, but we still have very few roguelikes, and it looks like this is going in a different direction. Smile
Looks very nice. Smile Actually Solius isn't 100% rogue-like I think, because all rooms are identical and it's only the room-to-room layout that is randomly generated, if that's implemented yet.

Something I wonder is how fast your random map generator is? This often posed problems to BASIC and hybrid-BASIC programmers.
It probably won't take long, the real(7,9 (rectangle command) is fairly quick, same with Drawsprite. I'm thinking of drawing the map, unless you arent using the rect command?
The whole random map generator takes longer to generate then it takes to output to screen. It takes about ~10-12 seconds for the map to generate and start drawing to the screen.. So not too bad. Pretty much what happens is:
-load a basic map (alternating tiles)
-sets light tiles as 0 on the draw list
-dark as 1? All the sprite/list elements correspond to my tile map
-randomly flip the light or dark tile as cracked or marked
-sets all these tiles as 0 for list that detects objects that can't be walked into
- load outer walls
-randomly flip wall to one of 3 marked walls
-mark on hit list as 1
-load middle walls
-randomly flip a square to a random of 3 wall
-check if tile above is also a wall. If so, change it to a top wall tile on the graphics list
-load the left/right stairs randomly. Make sure both don't have a wall directly in front of them.

-draw from graphics list
And yeah, I use real(
Kerm: Yeahh I have those, im just on my iPhone and don't want to hop on the computer to post stuff. Heh. My bad. Oh well.
zeldaking wrote:
Kerm: Yeahh I have those, im just on my iPhone and don't want to hop on the computer to post stuff. Heh. My bad. Oh well.
jsTIfied should run in the iPhone's Safari and be able to take screenshots from it. Wink
Update: Still working on this whenever time lets me.
Got some sprites worked on.

Have map loading, and character movement on the board. It's looking good. Now time for enemies and enemy ai, and then items etc.
What yall think?
those sprites under the coin are weapon upgrades:
-Iron fists
-Fire fists
-Magic sword
-Flame sword
Nice looking sprites! I'm surely going to play this when it needs playing! Smile
Alright, finally got around to getting an actual screenshot.
I have a few things left to do however:
-damage, to and from enemies
-potion drinking
-actually buying and using upgrades
But besides from that, here is rogey.

not sure how big this is going to be.. but here's an updated sprite sheet.
Wow, that looks amazing! Do you also have to make a storyline?
Hey looks awesome, those skull sprites are very nice Smile.

I like how fast it is running Smile.
This looks good but I would suggest that you start the menu cursor in the middle as scrolling far would not be super fun.

Edit. Sorry for the old bump, hope you're still working on this.
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