Uh, is this still being worked on?
xXEllesarXx wrote:
Can I be a tester? Very Happy

Sorry, I've finished the game. I didn't see this because I was busy in real life, and didn't have time to check here.
Excelseo wrote:
M. I. Wright wrote:
solarsoftware wrote:
This looks awesome! How did you manage to get the screen to shake like that? Is it real(0,1,1 and real(0,1,0,1?

Looks like it, although a better screen shake could be achieved using real(8,2,<value>)

If I'm not mistaken, I believe those commands require you to be in hasf-res mode, and if I used real(8,2,... it might look a little silly to see the screen zoom in and then shake a little bit back and forth. I'll see if it would look better.

Don't you mean- "if you're not misshaken?"

(Bad puns courtesy of Excelseo (c)2015)

I'm a little shaken up by your pun there.

I've uploaded Solius to the Cemetech Archives, so once it's in I'll put the download in the OP.
Coolio! Sorry I couldn't really test it, things happened.
Unicorn wrote:
Coolio! Sorry I couldn't really test it, things happened.

No problem, you tested as much as I needed.
I've added a color toggle per request of DJ_O. You can play in black and white or full color! I've also tweaked a few things. The update has been submitted to the Archives.
Awesome! I might play in full color a ton. Wink
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