So, I made a little Fish Tank app for Windows. I mostly just wanted to play around with the new Win2D library, but I enjoyed watching the fish swim by so I went ahead and published it on the store. Download:
Here's a screenshot:

I don't really know where else I'll go with this, just though I'd share.

I also put the code in BitBucket in case anyone wants to see how the Win2D stuff works:
Downloaded and installed, quite the amusing app Smile
Would this run under Mono?
I'm not sure. I'd like to maybe port this over using Xamarin or something so it can be used across more platforms, but I mostly just wanted to play with Win2D, so we'll see. Might be a good excuse to learn more about the ecosystem.
I'll try it out when I get my new computer!
More to come!

Making it a Universal App means getting onto the phone was really easy!
Hey looking awesome! The kind of thing that is relaxing to just watch for a while.
Thanks tr1p!

I updated the desktop version to have a customizable desktop background, set through standard win 8.1 settings:
The windows phone version is available now:
And, of course, the code is up to date:

Solid implementation!
Which Visual Studio version do you use? It is been a while since I programmed Visual Studio, thus I wasn't aware that you already could develope Universal Apps.
Also, did you do the Screenshot gif with VS or with some external screenshot program?
Would it be easy to make it Windows 7 compatible or is it out of the question?
I now have a screensaver for listing to music! Its awesome, all those fishies. Razz
This has been updated. You can now click on the fishies!
Nice work Smile.
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