TILP should auto-detect your calculator upon launch, assuming you have installed the filter driver if you need to (as described in the README).
The "Tools" menu of the TILP user interface contains an entry named "Dump Rom".
PLEASE HELP! Ive been up for 5 hours now trying to figure out how I can get the ROM from my calculator (TI 84 Plus CSE) and no site will help me so far, and as far as I know, Kerm is god with calc's, so please help me get the ROM from my Calc.
Hello Yobozo, and welcome to Cemetech! Are you using rom8x 0.3, TILP, or some other means to dump your CSE? What errors are you recieving? What is your current linking setup? Any information that you have will be most useful. Thanks! Smile

EDIT: Added TILP information. Thanks Lionel!
TILP has long had the ability to dump the Flash memory of 84+CSE calculators, through both ports.
The way I did it was using rom8x, basically, you just go download this, then find the two programs under 84CSE, send those to your calc, then run the programs on your calc, they will create two appvars, which you then send back to your pc, and use the .exe file to combine them into your .ROM file... then you never have to do this ever again

Is it on the list of intended features to enable CALCnet and gCn support in jsTIfied? If not, I'd like to officially submit a feature request :p.
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