Hello. I've read form posts of people running programs on the HP Prime, however I don't want to reflash my calculator. Is there any way I can program it? I have read the manual and I found this text that made me hopeful:
HP is distributing Qt under the LGPLv2.1 license. HP is providing a full copy of the Qt
If that means the calculator itself is running Qt, which requires both C and C++ among other things, there probably is a C library at least. So, is there any way to do it without a custom rom? I know that the Linux Kernel has support for the SoC, but that would be very time consuming for me.
I don't know about that, as I just started explored the Prime on an emulator today, but there is a BASIC language that is pretty powerful in the operating system. Do [SHIFT] [1] to view the program menu.

A video of some programs:

To date, the only third-party native code programming ever done (or at least, published) on the Prime is my crappy third-party firmware PoC: https://tiplanet.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=69&t=14939
In absolute terms, what I did sucks, but in relative terms, to date, nobody ever did better on that platform, sadly...

The calculator itself is not using Qt, only the computer-side Connectivity Kit and computer version of the Prime software (which is not an emulator) use it.
That's what I thought about the Qt thing... anyway. Yes, the Basic is very useful, but I want to exploit the full power of the system via native binaries (more specifically, I wanted to write 3D games, which would be much faster written in C than in Basic Razz)
but I want to exploit the full power of the system via native binaries (more specifically, I wanted to write 3D games, which would be much faster written in C than in Basic Razz)

Then your only hope is to port Linux yourself, which requires performing some reverse-engineering of the boot code + OS first.
Val and Hooloovoo showed ( http://www.cemetech.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=11158 ) how to access the JTAG.
The Prime's standard OS provides no access to native code, and I remember the HP employees posting on MoHPC ( http://www.hpmuseum.org/forum/index.php ) that they'd fix exploited vulnerabilities due to exam mode concerns, like TI does.

Waiting for someone else to port Linux to the Prime could prove long. Sadly, pretty much nobody is interested in tinkering with the Prime - especially not the historical HP community: third-party firmware experiments by critor and myself, JTAG experiments by Val and Hooloovoo, and the third-party connectivity kit by myself (there's another one, with a pretty UI, but it's not portable and fails to perform the basic functionality of a connectivity kit), all originate outside the historical HP community.
Personally, I would take it on if I had any idea how (I don't know what to do and I don't know ARMv5 assembly Sad) . I could see Linux Kernel, uClibc and uClibc++ making it to this calculator though. If some other people would guide me/help me, I would take it on.
This is a no, so now I'll move on, possibly to porting Linux (found that the SoC is supported in Linux Kernel).
Yeah the issue is that the traditional HP community either prefers the RPN calcs or don't care about anything else than educational use of the calculator.

The other problem is that many people don't see an urge to make C possible on the HP Prime due to HP PPL speed often rivaling Nspire ASM/C.
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