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Hey guys! I just want to make a quick post here before bed. I know I haven't been on Cemetech in a REALLY long time but I want to wait until summer and come back. I have been facing some (embarrassing) computer problems but now they are all fixed. Unfortunately I have lost some files so I have to restart some projects.
The thank you is for all of you Cemetechians for making Cemetech what it is. About a week ago I made it into Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJHSST) which has been a dream High School for me and I probably couldn't have done it without Cemetech. Cemetech really brought out my love for tech and gave me a unique thing to write about in my essay. But see you all later in the summer and special thanks to all of you <3
This is awesome to hear! We're glad to help!
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