I would really like to have a factoring program for my Pre-calc class. I suck at factoring and absolutely hate it. Does anyone have any ideas to help me get started writing this factoring program? I would like for this to factor quadratics, trinomials, and 4-term polynomials.
My code so far:

Lbl 3

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Hey, I have only taken Algebra 1 (in Geometry right now), so I don't know a lot about factoring, but I did make a program that can factorize expressions like X+BX+C. It's not the greatest, and can only directly factor the expression if A=1 (not 2X+blahblahblah or something), but I'll post it here anyways. I went back and chopped off the parentheses, but I haven't optimized the While C/X+X!=B and C/X+X!=-B part. (I'm too lazy to figure out the best way to do so.)

:Prompt B,C
:While C/X+X≠B and C/X+X≠-B
:If X>abs(C:Then
:Goto E

:While 0
:Output(3,1,"(X+ )(X+ )"
:If X<0:Output(3,3,"-"
:If C/X<0:Output(3,10,"-"

:If C/X+X=-B
:Lbl E
:DelVar BDelVar CDelVar XAns

I'll explain this when I feel like it later, but I will note that the While 0 loop is basically a comment. It was supposed to display something like (X+2)(X+3) rather than {2,3}, but believe it or not I kept getting confused on problems like "Factorize M+5M+6" and would accidentally write "(X+2)(X+3)" so I disabled it. I didn't really want to remove it, though, so I just did that.

Also of note is that, if the very last line of code changes the Ans variable, then the calculator will display Ans instead of "Done".
Thanks, Hitec.

I used to have a lot longer program that would reliably factor quadratics... but now it's gone. It involved gcd( of a number though. What else it had, I can't remember.
Here is something that may be useful. This may be what caleb1997 is thinking of.
I would not rely on a program to do a skill that will later become important later in your education.
This does seem to help.. but which program do I put on my Graphing Calculator ? The first one, or the last one, or one between the two?
If you must factor simple quadratic formulas like ax^2+bx+c, it is a bit simple, the two factor are the negatives of the solutions to ax^2+bx+c=0
So, that equation gives us the solutions (-B+-sqrt(D))/(2A)
So, to speak in factors:
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