running a few months behind on this picture, but Christmas turned out pretty well:

IMG_1668 by elfprince13, on Flickr

Also I got to copilot my commercial flight back to Vermont for Courtney's graduation (where "copilot" means "sit and don't touch"), because the plane was full:

IMG_1849 by elfprince13, on Flickr
That's a cool bunch of Lego you got! Also, super awesome that you got to chill in the cockpit - that would have been a great experience Smile
Being a passive copilot is both amazing and terrifying.

My puppy snoozing warmly on the couch Very Happy She doesn't normally like being under the blanket but I guess since it's cold outside she doesn't mind so much Razz
Have a very candid picture.

we had a blizzard in the Rocky Mountains where I am... at least 16 inches!

IT'S ACTUALLY SNOWING!!!!!!!!! Very Happy
JamesV wrote:
That's a cool bunch of Lego you got!

Yeah! People kept asking me what I want for Christmas, and I realized everything I *need* is probably too expensive, and most of the books I want are in series, so I was just like "Legos" to everyone who asked, and it went well.

JamesV wrote:
Also, super awesome that you got to chill in the cockpit - that would have been a great experience Smile

allynfolksjr wrote:
Being a passive copilot is both amazing and terrifying.

Haha, it was definitely pretty amazing. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what the various instrument panels were saying. I think it was more terrifying for the people behind me who noticed I was sleeping for about a third of our flight. Also my second flight with that same pilot, but on the previous flight we had a proper copilot and I was seated all the way at the back.

My roommates got a new cat to keep our existing one entertained. They're both adorable:

IMG_1943 by elfprince13, on Flickr

About a month ago, up on Lake Huron with the Mackinac Bridge in the background.
Presented without comment.

That's a pretty serious photo. I dig it. I vote this becomes our new header image.
You've got my vote! Razz

"Cemetech, the home of people with serious faces and red calculators."
Nice pi symbols in the background Smile
Using FBI forensic image enhancement software, I was able to discern some more detail:
!!!!!! Look at that!!!!! Its purple!!!!
Unicorn wrote:
!!!!!! Look at that!!!!! Its purple!!!!

I can't tell if you're joking or not. But, I think we're suppose to be noticing Kerms' Calculator lapel pin.
What's that red cord?
From some twitter posts by Kerm, it sounds like was actually given that TI-84+CE.

Unknownloner wrote:
What's that red cord?

The red cord was part of the lanyard for the event.
7-11 hosted the first ever "#BringYourOwnCup" for Slurpees from 11a to 7p. Any cup you brought (that fit through a 10" hole) was eligible and would cost only $1.50. The 7-11 I went to didn't check sizes - but it was also a very slow location - and saw one other person come in with a huge topless container. I'm glad I had a cap because transporting this in the car was nerving enough, couldn't imaging a large bowl of slurpee. That's about a half gallon of sugar ice. I let it melt and swigged it but ended up tossing most of it out as well, it melted down to the middle line and I probably drank to the middle of that and the lower line.

Dude, that is awesome
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