Its probably the only free official version of minecraft other than the onoine version on, so if anyone has some time, please check it out! the community is extremely small, basically a ghost town on minecraft forums, so if anyone knows about it, then great! Maybe one day microsoft will update it themselves, since it hasnt been updated in such a long time. And I should mention that its on the raspberry pi, which is a tiny computer that is tiny Razz
I heard its possible to emulate the rasberry pi on windows, but im not sure how.
And free mincreaft has been legally confirmed xD
I play Pi edition sometimes, and I also play Minecraft PE. Pi Edition is actually based on an old version of PE, actually, so (if you know how) you can put a Pi world in Minecraft PE Smile

I also have the PC version of Minecraft, too. But I play Pocket Edition the most.
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