New update fixes minor issues.

Build 1050 (13 November 2014)
 - Fixed stack overflow issue that would happen if you played more than 200ish
   games without exiting the app
 - Prevented a potential issue where unknown behavior could occur if a
   GarbageCollect or error occurred during saving
 - Fixed bug where saving a FreeCell game would not re-archive the appvar
   (Why did this happen?  The above change also fixed this for some reason.)
 - Plugging in a USB cable no longer causes an abort
 - Optimized some code for size
 - 238 free bytes remaining
 - Unless new bugs are discovered or somebody has a better idea for the face
   card graphics, this is the last update.
I fixed a single bug with a single-byte change. After quitting with MODE or graph-var, upon restart, the game might still see the MODE key in the key buffer and immediately quit again unless you held down another key to push something new into the key buffer. The solution was to zero more scrap-RAM.
I started to play Klondike Solitaire but it is tough for me Sad Sad
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