And the results are finally in! There were numerous entries for the prestigious rank of being the Program of the Year, but only one can truly come out on top (in each calculator category, anyways!).

The winner of the 83+/84+ line was Sorunome's Reuben Quest: The Lost Mirror remake, from DJ_O's popular RPG from way back when. This remake was done in assembly, compared to DJ_O's BASIC with asm program assistance. Other titles included:

Axio Man!
Flappy Bird
Flappy Bird Sideways
Pokemon Battle Factory
Pong Ultimate Multiplayer
Reuben Quest: Ev Awakening

Our very own Christopher "KermMartian" Mitchell has walked away with this year's TI-84+ CSE's POTY award, his awesome Jezzball game barely taking the polls after a tie that needed breaking with DrDnar's Solitaire: Klondike and Freecell game.

Other entries in the TI-84+ CSE category included:

Dino Puzzle
Flappy Bird Color
Flippy Bard Color: A Punnage
Puzzle Frenzy
Spaze Invaders

In the TI-Nspire category, Crafti - 3D Minecraft took away the top honors. Considering the love of minecraft, it's not terribly surprising that it took the top. The other honorable mentions are:

Call of CX
Flappy Bird

And finally, in the last category, listed as 'other, multi-platform', came KnightOS, in development by SirCmpWn and numerous talented programmers that are contributing to the project.

We at Cemetech would like to wish all those that were listed above a huge congratulations for getting at least featured by, and we hope to continue to see such amazing projects and more in to the future!

For those wanting to see the statistics of each file, you should check out this article right here!

From left to right, Reuben Quest: The Lost Mirror; Color Jezzball, Crafti - 3D Minecraft
Neat! There are some pretty sweet programs in there; way to go Kerm and everyone! Smile
Congrats to everyone Very Happy
Congratulations to everyone indeed! As I said on, I'm thrilled to earn another POTY award, and I am very impressed by how close the competition between Solitaire and Jezzball was. DrDnar deserves recognition for his work, and I'm intrigued that there were over thirty community members voting in the tie-breaker. Here's to another great year of featured programs and a competitive 2015 POTY!
Yay, congrats everybody! I love this community Smile .
Go Kerm and JezzBall! I voted. And congrats to Sorunome and Voginator too!
Congrats to all the winners, and all the other entries for getting featured over the year! Smile
JamesV wrote:
Congrats to all the winners, and all the other entries for getting featured over the year! Smile
Agreed! Those congratulations must include you and Spaze Invaders, which I felt was one of the best TI-84+CSE games of the year itself. Smile
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