It's been a while since I last worked on an Axe project because school kept me busy and non-motivated, but since it's the holidays, I thought of getting back into it.

I'm not getting straight back into Worms (I will, later) because I wanted to do a quick little project before, and that had to be Hexagon. Note that I'll only do Hexagon, not Super Hexagon.

At the time of writing everything has been done except collisions and patterns after 3 hours worth of programming. The game runs smoothly at 6 MHz as always.

The movement is controlled with arrow keys right? Its very smooth.
What other "features" are you planning to add?
Pretty much what's in the original game: different patterns, endless play, highscore saving and a menu of course.
Again, very impressed by this! Well done! The speed on this is quite impressive -- I may have to learn Axe at some point! Smile
Also, I forgot to mention it: the game features an actual clipped line routine Very Happy I plan to write an axiom out of it when I feel like it.
Alright, now that complex patterns are nicely supported and easy to add at will, the only things left are collisions and a proper menu !

Wow, that looks great! I know this is a project quite a few TI-BASIC programmers have considered and abandoned in the past, so it's nice to know assembly does the trick (yes, I'm going to call it assembly with that spiffy clipped line routine Wink ). Is it just my eyes, or does it look like the inner lines accelerate too fast compared with the outer lines?
This is just your eyes Wink this happens because the inner lines look smaller, so they seem to move faster towards the center. Also, that clipped line routine, is fully Axe.
More news ! Collisions are implemented, next is scoring. Aaand I actually want to bring it a little further afterwards, so we'll see about that when the time comes :3 (I also have to do a titlescreen first).
Ooh, looks like it is going to get better and better! Smile I remember being addicted to this for quite some time. Wink

Need I say more ? Razz
Oooh, it can do other n-gons besides just hexagons; very impressive. Is it just my imagination, or is it also smoother than it was before? The only thing I'm concerned about is that it seems to lag significantly when you're rotating the dot around.
I didn't do anything special that I can remember of about speed, so I don't know Razz I can assure you the lag is just the screenshot, because it's always smooth on my calc.
matrefeytontias wrote:
I didn't do anything special that I can remember of about speed, so I don't know Razz I can assure you the lag is just the screenshot, because it's always smooth on my calc.
You mean the lines continue to advance outwards at the same speed regardless of whether you're pressing an arrow key or not? I trust the screenshot showing that that's not the case, which was going to lead me to suggest using an interrupt to trigger the next frame rather than having a loop with a timer.
Release time !

So instead of talking to describe it, I'll just post it and you try it Razz beware that I ended up adding a bunch of things I initially didn't plan. Also, you still get a screenshot of the new title screen.

Here's also a screenshot of the actual gameplay :

Here you go for now, while it gets approved at ticalc : http://www.mirari.fr/PJ06
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