So after going on semi-hiatus for this and not telling most of you this project even exists, I'm telling you it exists!

Using the maps DJ made for Reuben CSE (thanks, btw) I have imported all the map data into the source.
And now for the screenie!

All I have program-wise atm is a working screentest, but I promise to do a lot in the coming year.
Looks good, pimath. Do you plan to make this a grayscale game so that it's compatible with both the original grayscale TI-Nspire calculators and the newer color-screen calculators, or are those sprites simply used as placeholders for now? I'm also curious what intrigues you and Sorunome so much about Reuben as to inspire these ports; I'm sure that I'd understand better if I had spent more time playing the original.
I think the original might have some following because it was the first hybrid BASIC game to ever use grayscale (on top of that, doing so before xLIB APP existed) and the first TI-83+SE/84+ RPG overall to do so (if we exclude Desolate which is more action/puzzle)

Also both Reuben games were featured on GamesRadar in 2009 (along with Dying Eyes, Drug Wars and The Reign of Legends 3) which might also have gotten something to do with it at one point or another.
Kerm: nReuben uses n2DLib, so the game should run the same on CX and GS models, with the exception that the CX models will show colored sprites. As I only own a GS model, I only have a GS ROM, hence the lack of color in the screenie.

Kerm/DJ: It's more like I like the game a lot. Also I wanted to make an RPG and was too lazy to make my own story/characters.

So I now have a color screenie. The sprites haven't been scaled from 8x8 to 16x16 yet, but that will happen as soon as I have a scrolling screentest.[/img]

I now have a screenie showing the full screentest, 16x16 sprites, and 12x8 tile surface for the game (to match the original).

Very nice looking! Love that little guy standing off to the side. Smile Color just makes everything better.
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