Does anybody know of a good place to find used computers or servers or calculators for free or really cheap? I have searched Amazon, but, paradoxically the used things of the kind I need are more expensive than the new ones. And many other commercial sites sell even used computers for high prices.
Look for free used computers in the garbage dumps. Just make sure everything is in one piece for it to work.
I usually use craigslist.
Thrift stores are often a good place to look for cheap, old, used technology. Back when I was a youngster, I would also drag home computers and other electronics that people would throw out outside their apartment buildings on recycle days to try to fix, Frankenstein, or otherwise revive.
Unfortunately the thrift store where I live doesn't accept computers Sad I still hope to find a calculator there someday.
That would be soooo awesome to find a computer or otherwise a calculator at a thrift store! I would immediately buy it.
I got my two old-school color Casios at a pawn shop, so you might check those out, too!
merthsoft wrote:
I got my two old-school color Casios at a pawn shop, so you might check those out, too!

Wow, for less than usual too?
Check dumpsters, recycle bins and especially e-waste facilities. Just try not to look too suspicious, rooting through dumpsters/recycle is usually frowned upon. Also see if a local school or university has a surplus store. That's where I snagged my dual CPU Xeon machine for pretty cheap.
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