It's only been a few hours since I released Dino Puzzle, and I'm already just about ready to release my next puzzle game:
Lime Rick for nspire!


EDIT: Don't mind the bug there where the low record is higher than the high record (I'll fix it, I promise!)

Stay tuned while I make finishing touches and work out a few bugs!
ooh, a twist on the game! Awesome idea, may I ask how you came up with that name?
Why did you name it "Lime Rick"? And someone should definitely port this to the 83+/84+
The name is from the original game "Lime Rick"
I suspect that the name is a combination of the word "Limerick" and the beverage Lime Ricky. I should add that this topic prompted me to play through the original Flash game, and I enjoyed it a great deal. I look forward to trying out the Lua version once you finish debugging and releasing it, and I agree with Ivoah that a TI-83 Plus/TI-84 Plus port would be a great idea.
I finished!

[Lua] Lime Rick for TI-Nspire

After I work on some other projects, I plan on returning to this, with an entirely new level set (with larger levels), computer/ipad support, and other game mechanics.
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