Just a little project I picked up last week to get my z80 back up to some kinda snuff.

Game is pretty simple the goal is to jump on all of the lily pad. The trick is you can only move forward,left, or right.

    D-Pad - Move Frog
    Clear - Quit to menu (or game if on menu)
    Mode - Ingame Menu

No release yet still working on pretty much everything minus the core of the engine.
This looks fantastic, eager to see some animation for that frog Wink And some more levels, of course Very Happy
Waiting on a proper sprite routine for that. Debating on tackling it my self but that ship will sink before it leaves the dock >.>

Once I have that routine all of a sudden it will look good Razz unless all you want me to do is make the frog move a little in place I can do that to Razz
I think once it moves over 1 tile, that one should display with the legs outward for the jump.
That is pretty much the plan. The issue is I need a fastish 4lvl greyscale routine. And the ones that I have found all call a sprite routine twice. instead of optimizing themselves they are just slow. :/ I mean it would work but I don't like it. Oh and none of them are masked >.>
Tentative mockups of the menus.

Fixed my Movement Routine. The menu will probably not have a jumping frog because its not worth the headache of making it happen IMO But we shall see
It looks great Very Happy I don't see any reason to animate beyond what's there.
That was my thought it looks well and iterates the point cleanly.

A little more eye candy showing the branch to the modes menu!
This looks great! What inspired you to make the game? Also, was this something you had on the back burner for a while, or did you just think of it this week? If the latter, I'm very impressed by how fast and far you got with it already.
I have been wanting to make it for a long time I just never actually got it going after the first 3 attempts. This was a total rewrite its just been going pretty well so far Very Happy
I Started it last hcwp So a bit less then a week of work so far Razz
In the first level, it seems like the frog swims completely across the water. Is that intended or simply a side effect of this project being a WIP?
You can go clear across one direction if there is a spot to land on. Just how the game plays.

And hey look stuffs all tied together kinda Very Happy

EDIT: 4 hours later and a few emails to the original Dev and we got some levels going. Alpha release soon need to write a readme and such!

5megabyte Gif. So if you want to see it click the link ^^
It's very responsive, and difficult. Wink Going to be quite the mind puzzle for those that enjoy such things!
And woo public alpha! as always report bugs

So this has been updated to a beta state. It has all 100 levels and a few extra game modes added. Oh and an about screen Very Happy

It also saves your progress in endless mode and give you the choice to start over or keep it. (write back must be enabled for this to work...)

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