So, watched the first episode of The Flash (again) and I have to say that it set up the series on a good start. So far, most of the show is following along with what I've seen of the cartoons, and what I remember of comics I've read.

So far, he's discovered his power and purpose, but doesn't know yet what his limits are. He's managed to stop one bad guy from creating a tornado large enough to wipe out the city, and has 1 person outside of Star labs that knows his true identity.

At the end of the episode, the good professor (guy who built the collider and is in charge) gets out of his wheel chair (after it's been explicitly said he can't walk) and activates a virtual newspaper. From 10 years in the future. The headline is that the Flash is missing. Secondary front page news discusses Wayne/Queen merger being completed, and that the red skies have vanished.

I'm thinking that this is a direct link to Superman and batman, and possibly that DC might be making new tv series of them, or we'll be getting movies that ties them more to the Flash and Arrow (to start the makings of the Justice League).

It really looks like they might be trying to put Justice League together. Ray Palmer ( The atom) just appeared on Arrow last episode. We have both Green and Red Arrow already, and now Flash. I don't think Justice League is out of the question. If the do eventually go that route though, the membership might be a bit different. IIRC DC stated (for whatever reason) that they didn't want to mix their movie and tv universes. However, with how well Arrow is doing maybe they'll change their minds. Flash should also do well since it has the same writing cast from what I've heard. Only time will tell. Also... they could easily do a suicide squad spin off.
They.. Yeah, I'm sorry, but the Flash is one of the integral pieces of the Justice League, they couldn't not intermingle the two. ><

And yeah, they could, that group made me laugh a lot. Very Happy

Eager to see what comes in the next episode.
Well, we know they are supposed to be doing a justice league move. To clarify, what I meant; It seems they are going that way with the TV universe as well. It would be a shame not to use the characters from the TV universe in the Justice League movie(s) because I quite like them. For the first Justice League movie, I don't think an actor has been announced for Flash yet.
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