Hey, so I just got back from the store, where I bought this:

I was wondering if you guys had any ideas for what I should do first. I would love a small project with a tutorial just to get the lay of the land.
I know NOTHING about electronics other than how to wire up a light bulb to a AA battery, so any helpful guides on this stuff to get started would be great. I would also love to find a tutorial on how to code the damn thing. I don't think is exactly the same syntax as an Arduino but here's some example code cause I may be wrong (please tell me if I am). Also if you have any of you have any ideas for any components that might be useful, as well as cheap starter kits, please tell me (And yes I do know that should get a bread board, but I only had $25 to play with).



  _CLKFREQ = 80_000_000


  Buttons          : "Touch Buttons"

PUB Main

  Buttons.start(_CLKFREQ / 100)                         ' Launch the touch buttons driver sampling 100 times a second
  dira[23..16]~~                                        ' Set the LEDs as outputs
    outa[23..16] := Buttons.State                       ' Light the LEDs when touching the corresponding buttons

A Propeller is not an Arduino clone at all; it's a much different microcontroller. One of the great things about a Propeller is that as the front of the package proclaims, it has a number of different cores that can execute code truly simultaneously. The Parallax website seems to have a tool and set of examples to let you program the Propeller and show you a few sample projects.
Thank you Kerm. Do you have any ideas for starter projects that I could do?
spud2451 wrote:
Thank you Kerm. Do you have any ideas for starter projects that I could do?
Yes, the ones that Propeller has in that set of examples that I linked to. That would be an excellent place to start.
Flashing an LED on and off is the standard first microcontroller project.
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