This has to do with technology and eletronics so I think it fits here...

Anyways, last night when I turned off my phone it had 2% of battery and this morning when I turned it on it had 5%. How is this possible?

This has happened to me before with other batteries. Can someone explain this to me?

EDIT: Nevermind, I googled it and now I know why
Weird... The battery displaying things are weird definitely.
One time I left my DS lite in a hot car when it was on low, and when I returned, it was on the green light again Razz
xD Magic! Once my sister was at a football game and her phone lasted for about an hour at 1% battery.
Batteries tend to "recover" after spending some time with low load, and the voltage can temporarily rise a little. Also, some battery indicators are primitive and are based solely on voltage (which isn't the most accurate way of measuring remaining capacity but works okay for certain battery types) and can fluctuate a lot when the load on the battery changes, especially if the battery is aging and developing higher internal resistance (which causes the voltage to droop more under load than a battery with less).

I don't know about the specific chemical mechanism behind why this occurs, though.
I googled it and it is something about a chemical that is developed between the poles of the battery and the metal thingies that the device uses to connect with them and causes some sort of interference. Something about electrons, i cant remember.
Then, you think the battery died and turn it off, so the layer of the chemical starts to dissapear and so does the interference.

The battery never died, it's just that the device cannot connect to it properly. At least, that's what I've read
I'd like to read the articles you found on Google, which I'm surprised you didn't link us to. While it's true that batteries "don't die" though it's because the electronics prevent that from happening as once all the power is drained from the battery it can't be recharged. I just really doubt interference via chemical build up can cause a 3% fluctuation.

I have no knowledge here and would like to follow your research.
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