Thanks tifreak8x! Means a lot coming from a master like yourself Very Happy
Do you think I should move the whole board up two and over two? So top left will be at 0,0? Aligning it to the side, or keep it how it is?
Does moving the board give you the ability to add more mines/spaces? If yes, then yes. If no, then leave it.
Well no, it wouldn't add any more board.. As each sprite is 8x8 (on a 16x16) so those 2 (4) pixels won't add much.
Question for appeal, as for the timer, should it be based off of sprites, so pretty much a custom font or just use xlibc font?
You should see how it looks, if it wouldn't take too long to make the sprites. Might see what it looks like with the xlib font.
Wow, those sprites look amazing (and of course very true to the original). Keep up the good work, and let us know if you get stuck with anything xLIBC-related.
Hey thanks! Yeah, I spent roughly all day yesterday making sprites as close as possible to the original windows xp version (I think?). And drawing in 8x8 isn't the most fun, but I got some sprites that I'm happy with, although I did leave a few semi-neccesary ones out of my sprite sheet. Oh well. I can always update more.
Alright, another graphical update.
I finished up a nice menu screen:

The background is randomly generated with tiles from the game.
In game process, showing successful flagging, which I've made if you tried flagging a spot already with a flag then it un-flags.
sorry, kinda blurry

Finished game when losing, shows all mine positions.

I have the game board able to support up to 13x13, and small as 5x5.
Planned features:
-Smiley face(s)
-Level selection
-Options (might add a "retro" sprite option)
-Centered board, doesn't matter the size, will move to center it.

Any other suggestions I should consider? Comments?
Question: Why are you avoiding jsTIfied for your screenshots, even though you've done a pretty good job of making your photographs nicely cropped and visible? Wink I particularly like the use of light and dark lines throughout to add the inset look, including on the credits splashscreen. I also support all those options you mentioned.
I'm not entirely avoiding.. I haven't gotten a Rom image from my cse yet. Rom8x.exe doesn't like running on my Mac. Hah.
Thanks for the feedback! Any other options that I missed or should add?
Looks really nice! Also, bear in mind that the computer version I use uses 16x30 tiles.
Just updated my sprite sheet, and added the option to toggle on/off different themes; from left to right:
First is the "original" theme, which I have been showing off in the above pictures, closer to the original minesweeper, depth and coloration.
Second is the "flat" theme, features blockier numbers, no depth and a few changes.
Third is the "vector" theme, with black and green depth tiles, not much coloration here but still looks fun.

Comments? Want me to change one of the themes to something else? Let me hear it!
Umm... I don't think you really need the different themes; the standard one looks great in my opinion. Besides waiting for feedback, wheat else do you have to do before it gets uploaded? Can't wait to see it.
Gahh. I'm lame. I haven't finished this yet. I ran into some dumb bugs and couldn't get it working again. As an update, I'll be working on it, and hopefully getting it working again. I need to finish thiiiissss.
Alright, it has been a long while and I need to get back to cse programming. I'm going to go back through this program and see what is wrong with it and hopefully release it pretty soon.
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