geekboy1011 wrote:
That's really cool. Hopefully the rude enemies cant hurt the NPCs though!!!

There's an idea! There are a few NPCs now and then who are a subject to the battle system. Other civilians have walking & fighting animations, much like the main character.
Dear lord man, what other element do you plan to have in there? :p It's amazing this all fits and doesn't drastically slow things down. What a display of superior coding skills Smile
Man I am so glad this Project isn't dead, I was getting worried for a while there, glad to see the progress!

That UI looks amazing and you're already putting many AAA handled RPG's to shame. Cannot wait to see more of this!
Wow that looks great! I like that you can keep playing while talking!
tifreak8x wrote:
Dear lord man, what other element do you plan to have in there?

The shop interface is also similar (it's currently being debugged/tweaked to slow the game down less). I'm adding some code to automatically display character names along with their portrait. Not sure if this feature will be included in the demo.

Here's a look at a recent modification to the battle rules: items also take damage!

Here can you see from their vertical health bars that the fruit and energy herb were pretty low on HP to start with. After being hit by the car a few times Very Happy they were automatically dropped from the backpack.

Your item longevity depends on your defense points (DEF). For demonstration purposes, the DEF was set to = 0 here, where items will only survive 10 hits under most conditions. It's worth noting that items only take direct combat damage, but not from swimming, etc.
Geeze, that's an insane amount of detail you're putting into this, which just makes it all the more awesome. That screenshot is fantastic! Very Happy

How far along into completion of the game do you think or feel you are?
It's tough to say. All the serious bugs seem to be fixed so I'm focusing on finishing the Oceanside chapter. I was actually hoping to have it in Alpha by now. Maybe late fall is a reasonable target.
OMG IT'S DIGITAN!!!! What's up??? I've actually tried to get hold of you a while back to see what was going on with this project. It was easily one of the things I most wanted to see finished. You poured tons of effort into it. It really was looking fantastic and quite like a professional game. Unfortunately, none of the emails you had floating around on the interwebs were active. Anyho.. I'm really glad to see you are still around and that this might actually get finished. You should also cross post this on Omnimaga (if you want to).
When will we get a preview?
I want it sooo bad!
Art_of_camelot wrote:
What's up??? I've actually tried to get hold of you a while back to see what was going on with this project.

Yeah, my yahoo email got really oversubscribed an I almost stopped checking it. I'll probably create a separate account for calc-related projects at some point.

@willwac - I think if I put in maybe 2 solid weekends, plus maybe 1 more for debugging, the game will be ready for an alpha release.

Here's the area I'm currently working on (very old footage), complete with roaming NPCs and elevators. This is one of those areas that has a lot of conditional item drops. Some items such as keycards have limited health and will require a replacement if they break in the heat of battle.

* Add Oceanside boss area / code
* Fix item shop menus
Ahh, you haven't posted in a while. This is looking epic, out of 100% how far would you say you are? Looks like you are adding bosses and quite an intense storyline Smile
There is no greater game on calcs than this, cannot wait!
Overall, it seems to be in the final 5% demo-wise. There's a lot more detail I'd like to add, but I guess it will have to wait until there's some kind of a release.

In storage terms, here's the flash page usage...

Page 1: 58% full (Main menu, non-battle code)
Page 2: 98% full (Battle code, enemies, graphics executables, physics)
Page 3: 85% full (Graphics data only)
Page 4: 22% full (Text data only)

Here is the main character roster. All the main characters from RW1 return in one way or another. The executable code includes a somewhat new subroutine simply called "Moveset" that can substitute Edgar for other characters, although he's the only one playable at the moment.

Here's another GIF / debug. The item shop menu has been improved to run much faster. Previously, the cursor was much smaller and yet slower-moving than the one here. The slow-down was seriously noticeable if you had the revolving shield item equipped. The shield animation would slow to around 1/4th speed while the cursor was in motion.

Left / right - Move cursor
2nd - purchase
Alpha - exit
Down - exit
So this means you're going to be picking up Sonic again soon, right? Evil or Very Mad
TI will probably lock down the TI-83+ series so that this game doesn't lead to the TI-Nspire CX demise. That's how great this game is. Razz
Not the Sonic curse! Well, the good news is I kept all the source code and graphics. It basically used the same physics code as Robot War for a long while, but the tilemapper for RW2 has a 32 tile x 32 tile limit. Maybe after the weekend I can post a Sonic summary. (Or just release the code if it's not out already)

I'll have to see about porting something over to the TINspire series or TI-84+ C since those models are displacing the TI-84+ SE (or so I heard).
Wait Robot War 2 is back in development?! I haven't read the rest of this thread yet and i can't believe i hadn't heard about it til now. A year or so ago i started work on porting the 82 RPG to the 83+ line Very Happy 电子天,很欢迎你回来!

I love this game and it's 82 counterpart/prequel, it's provided me with a lot of inspiration and ideas throughout the years, so here's a rather late "welcome back"!

EDIT: Ok, i just finished reading through the rest of the topic and i agree with everyone else. I'd go so far as to say that this is without a doubt the best game ever made for the TI calcs! I don't think it's even fair to compare it to "professional" games, as they can't hold a candle to this Very Happy It's looking beautiful as always, keep up the great work!
chickendude wrote:
Wait Robot War 2 is back in development?! I haven't read the rest of this thread yet and i can't believe i hadn't heard about it til now. A year or so ago i started work on porting the 82 RPG to the 83+ line Very Happy 电子天,很欢迎你回来!

It's the chickendude! 谢谢你! 好久不见![Thanks, long time no see!] Yep, it's definitely back in full development. Maybe after a stable release, I'll have to try porting it to some other platforms as well. The TI-82 source for RW1 and RW2 are still around too. It would be pretty cool to get RW1 on the TI-83+ as well.

Here's the newest (and last) puzzle element of the game: hacking anagrams!

This one is kind of a nod to the Batman Arkham series or Watch_dogs where you have to solve puzzles to bypass electronic gates.

Basically, you have to de-scramble the letters using only your cursor. The cursor will swap the 2 letters inside it (top and bottom only) whenever you press 2ND. The letters appear on a 12 x 3 grid, and you're allowed unlimited swaps.

To keep things from getting too elaborate, blank spaces will be considered immovable. In the future, the cursor won't even be able to travel to blank areas. Doing this will limit the number of possible moves so that players can brute-force the answer if they are not fluent in English. There might even be some non-English or non-text puzzles as well, to level the playing field.

Bruce force method:

The video above shows one brute-forcing method: sweeping back and forth until the answer is correct. You might wonder what the point is of having the puzzles if everyone can just brute-force the answer. To make things more rewarding, the game might dispense a reward item (coins? etc) if you solve the puzzle using the minimum number of moves.
Ahhh I love it!
How much better can this get?
Also I am pretty proud to say I could read most of the Chinese thanks to my Chinese 1 class Smile
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