I'm mainly doing this for myself (to learn more TI-BASIC and to learn the elements) and this contest is simply my motivation. So pretty much this will help you (and me) learn the elements (atomic number/symbol). I'll be writing purely in TI-BASIC (with ASM to enable lowercase), but I suck at TI-BASIC (and all other calculator languages) so the program will be pretty bad overall. It is for all calculators (83+, 83+SE, 84+, 84+SE, 84+CSE). Please remember I'm doing this just for fun, so don't be too critical okay?

updates coming soon!
Well since it's a contest, judges will be critical about it Razz

Good luck with it !
We will indeed be critical, but hopefully constructively critical. Wink I definitely hope you pursue this, as participating in a contest is a great way to learn more TI-BASIC. Although you may "suck" now, practice is the best way to get better, so I encourage you to post your progress in screenshots and prose as you go, and we'll do our best to provide feedback.
It's a good thing I switched my topic because otherwise we'd have the same one. Don't worry, I switched it before I saw this.
Yackback wrote:
It's a good thing I switched my topic because otherwise we'd have the same one. Don't worry, I switched it before I saw this.
I don't see your contest topic yet; don't forget to post it! I'm curious to see what you'll come up with for the contest.
So I finished entering most of the element data already...
I made it randomly choose and prompt you with elements
Here's where I'm at so far:

I don't have an 83/84 rom to get a screenshot, but it works on them too.
i finished the quiz mode, and i'll also be adding some compounds and their charges (i'm taking chemistry right now btw). i should be done with another 6 hours or so of coding (screenshots will be posted on friday at the latest)
sorry about the delay, i was kinda busy but here's the screenshot of what i have so far

note: i'm probably going to change some of this
Looks like for some, considerable amount of studying will be needed before tackling that quiz!

Does it automatically kick you out of the quiz once you get one wrong?
the quiz is to see whether you have attained full mastery or not lol (yes this means a lot of time needs to be spent practicing), and no it doesn't stop the quiz after you get one wrong; there are two options, one goes in order and ask you all 112 element symbols, and the other asks 10 random ones, however typing STOP will stop the quiz and give you your score(which is what i did in the above GIF).
I'd suggest a marathon feature, keep track of how many correct vs how many wrong.

Otherwise, looks awesome so far! Smile
well, it turns out i don't have enough program space to add the polyatomic ions and organic compounds, so i'm pretty much done i guess… all i have to do now is tidy up the code and optimize the efficiency of the program yay
Have you considered using DoorsCSE for the libraries? Like Celtic 2 allows you to access information and data from appvars that are stored in archive, so you could add a lot more information into it that way.
I'm equally curious why you're out of space for storing your data, and how you might use some clever tricks to fix this space crunch. I second tifreak8x's suggestion if you're positive it's not a problem with inefficient use of your existing storage.
I'm not really sure where to ask this question and i don't want to start a new thread, but is there any way to make a Doors icon that works with non-color and color calculators? I understand that it is 8x8 on non color and 16x16 on the CSE, but is there any possible way to make two separate icons in the same header? Thanks
Sadly, there is no such icon. You could do something very clever with calculator type detection and use the Celtic 2 CSE and Celtic III libraries to modify the icon after the program ran once, though. The only problem with that method is that the icon would be wrong on half of the calculators the very first time the program was run.
looks like i'm going to learn how to use Celtic!
I'm creating a study mode in which you link calculators, and was wondering is there any way to somehow transfer data faster between two calculators? Using the standard link cable, it takes about one second per variable. I don't have two calculators on my hands to test this out too.
Well, I think you might be able to create a string from the data, and send that so you only transfer one string. Someone els might want to check it, but here's what I'm thinking:

randInt(1,10->A  //I'm just creating two variables, use the existing ones you want to send

And the other calc would run this:


EDIT: Never mind, this won't work! Maybe a list could do it. Try this one:

SetUpEditor ʟ1
randInt(1,10->A  //I'm just creating two variables, use the existing ones you want to send

And Calc 2:


Kerm or someone should check it, though.
Gaven, just a note, contestants aren't allowed to accept help with source code by the rules of the contest. Smile We can only suggest features and give broad algorithmic suggestions. Anyway, CalcGuy specifically asked about transferring variables (presumably using GetCalc()) faster, and unfortunately, I don't believe there's a solution to that other than using the Doors CS interface to CALCnet. Sadly, that hasn't been ported over to the TI-84+CSE yet.
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