For anyone who wants to get a hold of SirCmpwn, he's offered up his email address: He also notes this:
21:54 < SirCmpwn> and in case anyone is wondering: no, KnightOS does not brick your calculator
21:57 < SirCmpwn> your calculator is quite safe from bricking so long as you don't modify your boot code

Comic: You're an admin, you should know better than to spread misinformation. If you haven't seen an update in a long time, why would you assume it doesn't work with the color calc, or that there's a worry of bricking? Please, let's all of us not talk about something we don't know about. There's been a lot of pretty impressive progress made on this project since SirCmpwn last updated here. If someone comes asking after information, let's point them to where they can get that information, not feed them misinformation.
I was going off this topic, not the information outside of it :/

Lionel Debroux wrote:
*on Cemetech, queries about KnightOS are met with comments about potential bricking

I wasn't referring to KnightOS once it's on the calc, I was referring to the process of sending any OS to the calculator. Razz
I would love to try this out. I took a peek over at TI-Planet, and I must say that I am impressed with the current state of KnightOS.

Kudos to the developers. Ill be watching this project now with a keen eye.
jetlego wrote:
I've crashed wabbitemu more times than I can count trying to load this onto an emulated 84cpse, and it would be nice just to see what it does from a user perspective.
How are you trying to load it? Here's what the dev has to say:
`make run` doesn't work on windows due to a wabbitemu bug, maybe he can run wabbitemu manually to deal with it

If you've been trying to run it through make run, it seems that won't work.
Well, I usually load the kernel as the OS and I try sending other files from what I downloaded from, though I am unsure exactly what I should do.
EDIT: and when I do this, it either displays "/bin/init could not be found" or "there are no running threads"
And now that I know that it will not brick my calculator, how do I send it to my cpse? The website does not have any information on how to do so.
You actually only sent the kernel to your calc, not the userspace - the kernel doesn't do anything on its own, that's why it doesn't work.

To anyone who wants to test fresh builds, here's where you can get some, for many z80 calcs (including TI-84+CSE) :
matrefeytontias wrote:
I too work on KnightOS, and I'm not banned from anywhere. So I can carry on posting updates if anyone wishes.

I wouldn't mind seeing updates posted by you up here about this project, as the premise of the project itself is a cool one. Smile
Well, okay.

So, progress of the last few weeks :
  • A nightly build server has been set up, in cohesion with Git thanks to Jenkins (and thanks to Streetwalrus for the setup and Sorunome for the server). Downloading KnightOS from here will always give you the latest version :
  • Filesystem routines have been added and updated : flush, listDirectory, closeStream, advanceBlock, openStreamWrite, renameFile (thanks to Vijfhoek), writeStream.
  • Unsigned unrolled multiplication has been added (the ones from z80 bits, thanks to Vijfhoek), speeding several programs up.
  • An issue with loadLibrary has been fixed, as well as killCurrentThread and listDirectory.
  • Scrolling (down only for now) has been implemented in textview (the KnightOS text viewer).
  • Nested directories support has been added to fileman (the KnightOS file manager).
  • A KEXC opening sequence has been added to corelib, thanks to Vijfhoek. Meaning, the default system library can now open files, see if it's an executable and launch it if that's the case using an only routine "open". We hope to make it a general-purpose routine for all files and assign a number of extensions/actions to it.
  • I added several vector-related routines and backface culling support to my fx3dlib.
  • Various further fixes on corelib(open).

Screenshots of this progress :

By the way, we need opinions on what to focus on for (far) future versions of KnightOS ; you can cast a vote here :
How large is this OS now? Are all these things (that one can see listed in the screenshots) built in, or add ins/programs?
Well, the OS itself is made out of two big parts, one being the kernel and the other being the userland - that is, KnightOS itself.

As SirCmpwn likes to put it, the kernel does nothing on its own. It's like the BCALLs of TIOS : alone, they do nothing, they need to be used to be proved useful. So the kernel is like the heart of KnightOS, the real "system" part of "operating system". It's the only thing that is built-in and cannot be removed.

Then there's the userland ; its particularity is that it's built on top of the kernel, and it is the program that proves this latter useful. Our goal is to make it highly modulable - as a Linux distro would, for example you can uninstall everything from it and replace it by your own programs - your own threadlist, your own file manager etc.

tl;dr the userland is a set of programs that makes use of the kernel, and organized in such a way that combined with the kernel, the two of them make an actual OS.

Right now, the kernel spans on 3 pages, 00 to 02, and the page with the most content in it still has more than 6000 bytes free. The kernel itself is around 9 kilobytes. The size of the userland is a little more difficult to determine since it's basically a bunch of programs, but I'd guess it's around 6 kb.
Will math ever be implemented?
Of course. It's still a calculator. A more precise and faster-to-work-with floating point format is being worked on by Xeda112358, that will serve as a general-purpose number format for the whole OS. Integer doesn't count as any particular format though, FP will only really be used in kpy and to some extent, ASM.
Earlier in this thread or elsewhere there was mention of somebody working on a CAS for kos. Is this true?
Not for now. After all, there is no general math implemented for the end user, so why a CAS Razz
Programs that can use symbolic logic?
I'm sure that the KnightOS crew are working hard at making the OS as complete and stable as possible. I'm sure that, while a CAS would be nice to do, it isnt very high on the to-do list. I feel such a program would be included seperately from KnightOS anyways, as not everyone would specifically need such a program.

unless something has changed over the weekend, SirCmpwn and a few others are still ironing out kfs write from the kernel, and then linking will be worked on. given how long kfs has been worked on (about 3 years, now?), it may be anywhere from a week to 3 months before it is finally done.
jetlego wrote:
Programs that can use symbolic logic?

What do you mean by that ? For now you can only program with KnightOS in ASM.

Also, please ask your questions all at once, instead of making posts with sentences like that.
Okay, I have a relevant question.
Will there be a way to program on-calc (BASIC-like?)? Because from looking at the documentation, the language seems like something that would be made on a computer and sent to the calculator.
There will be an on-calc programming language, kpy, inspired by Python.

What you must understand is that nothing is "programmable only on-calc" or "programmable only on a PC" with KnightOS (well for now it's not quite true, but it's one of the biggest goals of KnightOS). Files on KnightOS are the very same files that are on your PC. You can edit them the same way on a PC and on your calc, and in the case of kpy you will actually run it on your calc, although an emulator will do pretty well.
There are many planned languages for KnightOS. right now, there is only assembly, which is compiled off-calc. however, I know kpy is in the works (no idea on whether it is on or off-calc), and rumors of FORTH. for an on-calc one, Ignition will be ported, but I first have to make it, which could take a while, and it really isnt very strong without some form of extension either. Oh, and SirCmpwn is adding a brainf*** compiler, but that isnt exactly for anything but just because.
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