Is it possible to solve optimization in nspire just like in Excel? I tried using the graphing method, found it quite clumpsy and was stuck with no more than 2 variables.

Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
You could solve the first derivative for x.
For example, to find the extrema of 1/3(x)^3-2x^2-5x you would do solve(deriv(1/3x^3-2x^2-5x,x)=0,x) and after just tailor those x values to what you need.
I hope that's what you're asking...
Thank you for your reply. Sorry i was not clear in my original post, actually what i want to do with an CX CAS is optimizing as in linear programming. Like finding maximum profits by producing x number of goods A and y number of goods B, given constraints on the production.

I tried to do linear programming using Graph in the CX CAS to shade, for example,

y ≤ -8(x-550)/7
y ≤ -2(x-1600)/7
y ≤ 1400-3x

and then manually find all the intersection points, copy them to the data table, and insert the profit function to scan for the maximum.

In Excel, using the Solver, this can be easily achieved by inputting the data values, adding constraint formula and then Excel will find the maximum values.. which is much more convenient and so I wondered if there is a similarly efficient way to do this in the nspire.

Thanks again.
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